Cash Counting and Processing Machines

The functioning of any enterprise is connected with cash flow, the complexity of quick counting, and the orderly storage of banknotes. To facilitate this procedure, modern banking and financial institutions, as well as organizations that receive and dispense large amounts of cash on a day-to-day basis, use counting and sorting machines.

BS/2 supplies and installs equipment for counting and processing cash from the world’s leading manufacturers – CPS, Tresmer, Magner International, Ribao, SmartTec, Henkovac, and others. Efficient and user-friendly modern devices can not only count banknotes but also sort them by face value and other features.

Our portfolio includes counting and sorting machines, cash processing systems, counter sorters, and vacuum cash packers. Such equipment is used in bank branches, shopping centers, and other organizations where there are significant cash flows.


Minimization of administrative and operational costs related to the self-service channel and equipment maintenance.

Reduced total cost of ownership of the infrastructure.

Growth of key operational indicators of the self-service channel.

Transparency and predictability of costs and investments in the long term.

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