Magner 350N Four-Pocket Currency Sorter and Banknote Counter

The Magner 350N is an enhanced machine for counting and sorting cash featuring a dynamic pocket function. Despite having four compartments, it effectively performs the functions of a five-pocket device. In this case, the cost of this four-pocket device is lower than comparable models with five pockets.

The device categorizes banknotes into worn, fit, and ATM notes, facilitated by its four compartments: three main pockets and one redirect pocket. The loading pocket allows stacking and processing up to 1000 banknotes.

With a notable speed of 1200 banknotes per minute, the dynamic pocket function automatically assigns new denominations to vacated compartments, further expediting the sorting process. Horizontal movement along the path ensures a smoother and more stable progression of banknotes, minimizing the risk of damage or jams, even with worn banknotes.

The device operates seamlessly under high loads, a crucial feature when dealing with substantial amounts of money.

Device specifications

Magner 350

Number of pockets3 + 1 Reject Pocket
Capacity of loading pocket/2-receiving pockets/reject pocket, banknotes1000/200/100
Banknote speed, per minute1000 – simple count, 1200 – sorting by denomination, orientation, face, issuance, worn condition
Detection types
  • Visible spectrum image (2CIS)
  • Infrared radiation image (2CIS)
  • Ultraviolet detection
  • Magnetic detection
  • Optical density
  • Length and width of the banknote
Operating modes
  • Simple count
  • Recounting a mixed pack
  • Sorting by denominations
  • Sorting by orientation and face
  • Sorting by year of issue
  • Sorting by wear
  • Scanning and comparing serial numbers
Display7″ (17.8 cm) color touchscreen LCD with good performance
Menu languageEnglish, Russian
External displayOptional
Check printerOptional
Integration capability with Cash Management.iQ+
PortsLAN, USB x 2, RS232C, Video output (15 pin S-SUB)
Power supply100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption, W249
Country of originSouth Korea
Dimensions (WDH), mm534*455*481
Weight, kg47
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