Vynamic™ Marketing

Vynamic Marketing software platform developed by Diebold Nixdorf, the world leader in banking technology, provides a brand new approach to promoting banking and affiliate products on self-service banking devices, digital banking platforms, and third-party websites. Vynamic Marketing allows you to:

  • Display personalized ads on ATMs
  • Run marketing campaigns with interactive scenarios
  • Receive digital feedback on customer interactions with the device


Easy creation and administration of advertising and information campaigns on the terminal

Increase the quality of customer interaction

Attracting new customers

Managing the investment in the terminal fleet


Centralized content management

Within a single user interface, Vynamic Marketing operator can assign ad campaigns to specific device groups based on their location and functionality (including available user peripherals such as touch screens, QR code scanners, NFC readers, etc.). The content is stored on a single server or can be uploaded locally to selected devices using VM Preloader.

Campaign planning and ad prioritization

Vynamic Marketing allows you to plan the launch of advertising campaigns and automate the rotation of advertising messages according to preset parameters. You can set the frequency and time limits for each campaign based on the actual impressions or feedback received. Based on the priorities set, the system will determine which ads are relevant to the device user at the moment and display them.

Personalized advertisements

Configurable ad display algorithms allow you to create personalized scenarios of user interaction with the device. Depending on the source of user data, different levels of ad personalization are possible.

  • Personalization based on card data (holder's name and surname, card expiration date, operational data on limits, card class, card product type).
  • Personalization according to ABS data (data on the availability of bank accounts, including non-card accounts, data on the use of various banking products, date of the service contract and its termination, information on the cash flow, the cardholder's birthday).
  • Personalization based on CRM data (customer segment, including socio-demographic group, geography, type of customer, information on the products offered, etc.).

Advertising display testing

An important feature of Vynamic Marketing is the ability to remotely test how ads are displayed on different types of devices. Advertising or informational messages are created using special templates for different screen resolutions and can be viewed on a special simulator. This allows you to test the entire ad display scenario and possible user reactions before launching on self-service devices.

Automation of application processing

The system captures and collects all data on customer interactions with advertising content displayed on devices, i.e. user reactions to advertising. The collected data can be automatically uploaded to external systems, including CRM, to automatically create requests (leads) requiring the bank employee's assistance. This allows you to automate the processing of requests and increase the control of the customer service process.

Collecting and displaying KPIs for campaigns

Collecting data on ad impressions and reactions to ads allows you to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) for advertising campaigns. Graphs are displayed in the built-in analytics module or can be uploaded to external systems (BI, Kibana, etc.) in terms of the campaigns themselves, their time and location, and user segments.

Delivery format


The client purchases a software solution and places it on their own infrastructure.

Software lease

The client uses the software solution on a lease basis, with the software hosted on the BS/2 infrastructure.


The client outsources to BS/2 the administration of marketing, advertising, and information campaigns on self-service devices.

Minimal requirements

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development