DS Center.iQ

In June 2023, BS/2 unveiled DS Center.iQ – a cutting-edge decision support system that seamlessly integrates and harmonizes various data sources.

DS Center.iQ stands as a potent tool suitable for managers at all levels. Simultaneously analyzing data from multiple sources facilitates optimal decision-making. The software solution can receive information from the following outlets:

  • Automated Service Systems
  • Technical Monitoring Systems
  • Management of POS Terminal Networks and Transaction Routing
  • Software Platforms for ATM Payment Acceptance
  • Security Systems for Self-Service Devices
  • CRM Systems
  • Contact Center Systems

Decision support system DS Center.iQ empowers users to anticipate and act proactively. For instance, by overseeing all available information assets, comparing diverse indicators, and forecasting organizational income amidst emerging technologies, viable alternatives can be weighed. Furthermore, DS Center.iQ identifies customer needs and mitigates risks.

Product card

DS Center.iQ Advantages

Decision-Making Support

Load Prediction

Utilization of Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Process Optimization

Elevated Service Quality

Preventing Failures

A Higher Standard of Customer Service

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development