VCP-Pro (ProFlex4)

The VCP-Pro (ProFlex4) solution was developed by Diebold Nixdorf, the global leader in banking technology. It is a platform to which various self-service devices (ATMs, payment kiosks, etc.) can be connected in order to expand the range of services provided on them.

VCP (Vynamic Connection Points) is a group of software solutions that emerged due to the new release of ProCash and ProFlex4 products. As a result of renaming, the updated solutions were named VCP Lite and VCP-Pro.

VCP-Pro allows:

  • Provide new products and services on self-service devices
  • Create a dynamic user interface
  • Develop and implement new work scenarios on self-service devices


Optimizing the work of technical staff

Providing omnichannel service environment

Increase in customers loyalty

Hardware independence

Optimize operational resources

Building loyalty and attracting new customers

ATM fleet investment management


Introduction of new services at self-service terminals

VCP-Pro (ProFlex4) software solution allows you to design, configure, test, adjust and implement different scenarios for new functions and peripheral equipment on self-service devices. The new scenarios are not tied to the logic driven by the processing center and may depend on various factors: user behavior, authorization type, card type, etc.

XFS adaptation technology and the use of standard protocols allow VCP-Pro to provide the same functionality on any manufacturer's device.

Scenario personalization

The solution allows you to provide the most relevant services to the client on the terminal, which significantly improves the quality of interaction with bank self-service devices. It creates an opportunity to attract new customers and strengthens the loyalty of existing customers.

Interface customization

Using VCP-Pro the bank's terminal network support team can create, test and implement on the terminals interfaces for new products, services, advertising, marketing offers, etc. The design of new interfaces does not depend on the existing logic at the processing center. In addition, it is possible to adapt the interface for people with disabilities.

Extensive integration options

VCP-Pro software solution provides ample opportunities for integration with third-party services and systems, thereby enabling the delivery of financial institution products and third-party service providers on terminals.

Delivery format


The client purchases a software solution and places it on their own infrastructure.

Solution lease

The client uses the software solution on a rental basis, with the software itself placed in the BS/2 infrastructure.


Using VCP-Pro, BS/2 designs and adds new services to self-service devices.

Minimal requirements

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development