Vynamic™ Security

Vynamic™ Security provides high-security protection for self-service devices against any type of intrusion, hacker attacks, and other threats.

The amount of logical attacks on ATMs and the damage from them is growing every year. Vynamic™ Security consists of four separate modules, each of which protects terminals from different types of attacks. Thus, Vynamic™ Security and its several security modules allow you to reduce the potential attack points of self-service devices. Moreover, if one of them is hacked, the remaining modules continue to work, providing the necessary protection for your device fleet.


Internal and external fraud prevention

Process unification for terminal network security

Reducing the total cost of owning a fleet of self-service devices


Intrusion Protection Module

The module is responsible for protecting the terminal network from the penetration of all types of malware programs into the ATM computer.

  • Anti-malware protection
  • USB port control
  • Network and data protection
  • Whitelisting technology
  • System integrity control
  • Proactive monitoring

Access Protection Module

The module protects the ATM computer from unauthorized access and controls.

  • Restriction of access rights
  • Optimization of the authorization procedure
  • Control of operating system vulnerabilities
  • Firewall management

Hard Disk Encryption Module

The module prevents unauthorized access to confidential data stored on the hard disk of the ATM computer. This module works even when the device is off.

  • Data protection
  • Access protection
  • Strong encryption
  • Hard disk health monitoring

Fraud Detection Module

The module processes large amounts of transactional data, which makes it possible to identify suspicious transactions, as well as to ensure proactive protection of the entire technical infrastructure.

  • Identifying previously unknown vulnerabilities
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Tracking suspicious activities in device operation
  • Risk assessment automation

Delivery format


The client purchases a software solution, one or more of its individual modules, and places it on its own infrastructure.

Solution lease

The client uses the necessary software components of the solution on the rights of lease, while the software itself is located in the BS/2 infrastructure.


The client receives the necessary functionality of the solution or its individual components as a service.

Minimal requirements

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development