TransLink.iQ is a comprehensive software platform for POS network management and transaction routing. In addition, the solution allows you to develop the functionality of acquiring equipment, adding new features to the basic set of functions of payment terminals.

The software solution can utilize every system function on POS terminals from different manufacturers within a single control logic.

TransLink.iQ is developed by taking into account the requirements of international payment systems and meets the requirements of PCI PA-DSS (The Payment Application Data Security Standard)

The development and implementation of the TransLink.iQ software platform is carried out by ASHBURN International, which, together with BS/2, is a part of The Penki Kontinentai Group. Learn more about TransLink.iQ and other ASHBURN International products and services.


Development and modernization of acquiring infrastructure

Improving acquiring network efficiency

Increasing acquiring network profitability

Reducing the maintenance cost of the POS terminal fleet

Workflow optimization

Improving the quality of customer service and increasing their loyalty

Attraction of new clients

Comprehensive monitoring and analytical reporting for the development of the acquiring business


Centralized management of POS terminal fleet

The solution allows you to remotely manage the POS terminal fleet, configure parameters, install and update software.

Monitoring the transaction flow and the POS terminal status

The system collects and displays the technical status of each POS terminal in the network, as well as monitors the flow rate and transaction speed and provides detailed transactional information.

Integration of new features to POS terminals

TransLink.iQ has a flexible architecture and allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of payment terminals by adding new custom functions to devices.

Implementation of online fiscalization

TransLink.iQ based solution platform for POS terminals, allows you to implement online fiscalization when paying for goods (both by card and in cash). Meanwhile, transaction data is transmitted online to the fiscal authorities.

Automated encryption key management

Asymmetric data encryption technology (RSA) allows TransLink.iQ to automate the management of encryption keys and significantly reduce the expenses related to this process while ensuring the required level of security.

Analytical reporting of POS terminals and the transaction progress

TransLink.iQ collects data for online monitoring of payment terminals and for transactions later uploading them to a separate database for retrospective analytics.

Multi-banking functionality support

TransLink.iQ allows you to send transactions to different acquiring banks. Depending on the card parameters TransLink.iQ will transfer the transaction to the one which reduces the cost of processing transactions for merchants and, in some cases, makes it possible to save on merchant acquiring fees.

Multi-hosting functionality support

TransLink.iQ allows you to transfer payment transactions to different processing centers that work with different acquiring systems.

Multi-merchant functionality support

TransLink.iQ allows several merchants to use one physical device to make payments. Thus, several merchants can use one device at once.

Transaction flow recognition

TransLink.iQ can assign transactions with identifiers from third-party systems (identifier of an insurance policy, customs duty, fine, ID of service personnel) - helping to categorize flow. Payment information is exported to third-party systems, where it can be used to identify payments.

Transaction routing

TransLink.iQ allows you to separate transactions according to different parameters (including transactions from one POS terminal) and send them to different processing centers and other external systems.

Delivery format


The client buys a pre-built software solution and installs it in the client's own infrastructure. Upon client's request, it is possible to expand POS-terminals functionality and perform necessary integrations with internal and external systems.

Solution lease

The client uses the software solution on a rental basis, with the software being located in Penki Kontinentai's infrastructure.


The client outsources the POS terminal fleet management, transaction routing, and real-time transaction flow monitoring to Ashburn International which is a part of Penki Kontinentai.

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development