FCX.iQ is a software solution that provides currency exchange functionality in ATMs. The solution allows you to exchange various types of currencies on recycling/multifunctional ATMs. The system also allows managing exchange and commission rates on terminals, terminal network monitoring, identifying users, collecting data, and compiling reports on exchange transactions

As a result of the integration of FCX.iQ with various banking systems, exchange rates and fees are automatically set on ATMs. Meanwhile, the FCX.iQ system operator is able to remotely monitor exchange transactions on all devices in the network and receive full statistics on the system operation.


Currency exchange automation

Expansion of the functionality of self-service devices

Increasing the availability of foreign currency

Generation of additional profit due to the commission/fee charged

Attracting new clients

Investment management on the terminals


Centralized currency exchange management

FCX.iQ allows you to control the entire network of self-service devices that can conduct currency exchange operations, enable or disable this function, set the list of available exchange pairs, and collect information on the status and details of each transaction.

Using different types of currencies

The number of currencies available for exchange depends on the ATM configuration (the number of cassettes/denominations/currency types). The system operator can set currency pairs for exchange both separately for each self-service device and for the entire network.

Automatic exchange rate setting

FCX.iQ integration with FI information systems allows using the most up-to-date exchange rate data for exchange transactions. The operator’s activity to change the rate is logged and requires confirmation from the manager, which helps to avoid involuntary mistakes or fraud by staff.

Setting a flexible exchange fee

The solution allows you to set a separate commission fee for each device. It can be based on service demand at a particular service point. In this case, the commission may differ depending on the exchange amount.

Convenient user interface

A user-friendly interface and an intuitive menu allow the user to exchange the currencies as quickly as possible and without assistance. In this case, the user interface can be changed depending on the needs of the organization and its customers.

Analytics and reporting

FCX.iQ operator can receive data on all currency exchange operations performed on self-service devices, generate various reports on their basis.

Delivery format


The client purchases a software solution and places it on their own infrastructure.

Software lease

The client uses the software solution on a lease basis, with the software itself hosted on the BS/2 infrastructure.


The customer outsources the management of currency exchange service at self-service devices to BS/2.

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