Service Desk.iQ

Service Desk.iQ is a software platform for the automation of service processes for various types of specialized equipment. The solution is responsible for the assignment, timely execution, and closure of customer service requests based on the established parameters of contractual obligation control (SLA).

Also, Service Desk.iQ allows you to bring a new level of material and technical management, used in the maintenance of expensive technological equipment. The system provides data for comprehensive business intelligence, including reports on the efficiency of individual service engineers and entire divisions, the movement of equipment and spare parts in stock, and the cost of providing the service.

Service Desk.iQ allows you to get full control over the service process, from service request to invoicing for work performed.

The solution complies with ITIL V3 recommendations and the ISO 20000 international standard for management and maintenance.

Key Benefits

Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and maintenance of high-value equipment

Incident management to prevent major equipment downtime and contractual violations

More efficient management of service personnel

Reduction in the number of spare parts and consumables required for maintenance on the company's balance sheet


Planning and assigning tasks

A special Service Desk.iQ module allows you to manage all incoming requests, turning them into tasks for specific service engineers according to their locating, skill level, and workload.

Control of contractual obligations (SLA)

The solution allows you to track the status of each request and provide early warning of possible violations of contractual obligations at various stages of implementation (in accordance with ITIL recommendations), thereby increasing the level of service availability.

Controlling the movement of spare parts

The solution allows you to keep track of the movement of parts, and spare parts, controlling stock balances, recording all events in the lifecycle of units, and planning their purchase and write-off.

Resource and labor accounting

The system allows you to take into account the working hours of service personnel, consumables, spare parts, transportation costs, and local repairs. This ensures accurate calculation of the cost of services provided by the service company.

Integration with the request registration system

The solution provides the ability to integrate with external systems for the initial registration of service requests, allowing you to synchronize their opening and closing in a familiar environment for the customer.

Comprehensive reporting for business analysis

The system provides various analytical reports on the performance of work, as well as calculates the key performance indicators of service, and allows you to track trends in their changes.

Delivery Format


Acquisition of a software package, including individual modules, at the customer's request

Software lease

Use of the necessary software modules on a rental basis with the possibility of paying-as-you-go (fixed amount per month or payment for the number of connected objects)


The client outsources to the BS/2 to arrange service for its fleet of equipment.

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development