Cash Management.iQ

Cash Management.iQ is a software platform that helps to optimally distribute cash and other valuables to the endpoints while reducing costs associated with funding, collection, and cashier operations.

The system provides real-time information on the cash amount in bank branches, vaults, ATMs, and other self-service devices, as well as at points of sale. By analyzing cash demand at a particular location within a period of time, the system proposes the optimal collection schedule for the devices connected to it.

The solution allows automating the process of cash collection, material resources, and document flow related to this activity.

Cash Management.iQ software platform consists of 5 separate modules, each of which is responsible for a certain part of operational processes. The modules can operate either separately or as part of a complete solution.


Reducing cash required to replenish terminals

Reducing expenses to raise cash for self-service devices

Reducing the number of collections

Increase of security and control of cash collection

Providing the entire infrastructure with the required currencies and denominations in the optimal amount

Decrease in the downtime of self-service devices due to lack of cash

Streamlined workflow related to the order execution for object replenishment


Monitoring the cash amount at facilities

CashPoint Monitoring.iQ core module monitors the cash amount at facilities connected to the system and based on the demand, it calculates how much cash is needed to optimally fill each point and the entire network of devices. Figures are provided for all types of currencies and denominations. At the same time, the system adjusts the forecast to account for special periods: payroll and revenue collection days, holiday events, and other events.

The module uses a special replenishment modeling tool, which allows you to generate and simulate replenishment orders.

As part of the solution, it is possible to group objects according to different parameters and adapt the user interface to meet the specific requirements of the organization.

Comprehensive reporting and performance analysis

CashPoint Analytics.iQ software module is responsible for generating comprehensive reports on system performance, achievement of key performance indicators, and other aspects of cash management.

The solution allows you to report on the loading, unloading, issuing, and current cash balances for each point, group, or the whole network in different currencies and denominations. The solution also generates reports on cash collection orders, performance, cash availability, cash flow accounting, and provides reports on overall cash management efficiency.

Cash Flow and Availability Management

Vault.iQ software module provides a comprehensive accounting of cash inflows and outflows in the cash settlement center and connects cash flows coming from the bank and vice virsa in order to form an effective environment for the cash settlement center operation. The module automatically collects and provides necessary information for accounting entries, reconciles cash turnover at facilities and cash operations, as well as accounting of surpluses and shortages of cash during the cash recount. In addition, the solution allows for separate accounting of worn, damaged, and counterfeit banknotes, as well as banknotes detected in the terminal outside of storage.

Cash collection order management

CIT.iQ software module provides tools for managing the collection service: it allows you to form the staff of collection teams, assign tasks for them, set routes and keep records of all costs associated with planned and unscheduled trips (employee labor costs, fuel and lubricants, vehicle depreciation, etc.).

As part of collection orders, the solution allows the formation of sets of cassettes, bags, containers and valuables for transportation. The module controls seal numbers, generates accompanying documents and transmits notifications on the collection performance.

Extensive integration capabilities

Cash Management.iQ software solution can be integrated with ABS, various external systems and special accounting equipment. Paired with other products of the .iQ family, it allows for accounting of payment transactions, currency exchange transactions, and commercial customer account crediting operations performed on self-service devices. The solution also provides the ability to record data received from automated cash conversion equipment and special barcode scanners. System integration with special counting equipment allows to automate cassette and bag seal numbers input.

Delivery format


The customer purchases the software solution, one or more of its individual modules (depending on the customer's tasks) as property. The software solution is deployed in the customer's infrastructure.

Software lease

The client uses the necessary software components or the entire solution on lease, all of the software is located in the BS/2 infrastructure.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The client outsources to BS/2 the cash management of the self-service device network or other processes that can be provided by the Cash Management.iQ software solution.

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