New approach to nationwide POS terminal network management in Uzbekistan


The Unified Republican Processing Center of Uzbekistan (UPCP) is an interbank processing center that acts as an intermediary, uniting the country’s banks and international payment systems. EOPTs is the operator of the national payment system Uzcard and serves more than 17 million plastic cards of this system, provides services to 30 banks in Uzbekistan and a number of payment systems (PayMe, Click, Uzpaynet, etc.). Today, Uzcard users can pay for goods and services using more than 250,000 POS-terminals, service is also carried out in more than 6,800 ATMs and self-service kiosks.
Since 2017, the company has been acquiring the international payment system Mastercard in Uzbekistan.

Implemented solution

The TransLink.iQ software solution was implemented to manage the network of POS terminals and route transactions to the infrastructure of the EPC.
As part of the work of TransLink.iQ, the ability to install and replace a pin code for Uzcard payment system cards on payment terminals installed at merchants, support for contactless payments (on those terminals where it is provided for by technical capabilities), and some other features.
Also, POS-terminals functionality was implemented to allow using them as cash registers, which work not only with card payments but also with cash payments.
In addition, within the framework of the TransLink.iQ solution, support was provided for cards of international and national payment systems Visa, Mastercard, Mir, etc.


Extend POS terminal functionality and develop acquiring infrastructure

Comprehensive monitoring and analytics tools (analytical reporting)

Streamline POS terminal installation workflows and reduce costs

Ensure a high level of system availability when processing a large amount of data and rapidly recover system functionality

Increase the profitability of the acquiring network

Automate work processes while ensuring the necessary level of security

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