Face Recognition

ATM Face Recognition and Face Detection are biometric solutions for the banking and retail industries, based on the ATMeye.iQ self-service security software platform.

Face Detection biometric solution is used to determine whether a person is in front of a terminal device during a transaction. Face detection can be implemented on any self-service device equipped with a video camera and used as a fraud prevention tool.

Biometric Face Recognition solution uses a person’s image for authorization on self-service devices and can be utilized as a primary or secondary type of authorization.


Increased transaction security at self-service devices

Improved service quality

Reduced customer service time

Recognition of non-customers


Fraud prevention

Face Detection can protect terminal networks from certain types of logical attacks. If at the beginning of a transaction no face was detected, the terminal stops the service. If for some reason the ATM user hides his face from the cameras (for example, wants to use a stolen card), then one of the following scenarios can be implemented: switching off the terminal, sending a warning message to the user, sending an alarm message to the security service, etc. In addition, biometric authorization with Face Recognition allows implementing a two-factor customer authentication and avoiding card-related risks (skimming, trapping, etc.).

Multiple face detection

The optional Multiple Face Detection feature allows you to determine how many people are currently in front of the terminal device. If the system finds more than one person, it triggers one of the preset scenarios: a warning message appears on the screen with a request to continue working or a service cancelling scenario is activated and a security officer is notified. This option allows you to reduce the risk of unauthorized persons stealing PIN codes.

User authorization

Thanks to Face Recognition technology, self-service devices can authorize clients without using additional payment instruments. This helps to reduce the service time at the terminal and lets users authorize without a card, PIN code, etc. Facial biometric user authorization also helps to prevent a number of fraudulent actions (e.g., using someone else's card).

Personnel and collector authorization

Facial recognition systems and other methods of biometric identification and authentication can be used to authorize customers, confirm the identity of service employees and collectors servicing the terminal fleet. The biometric authorization determines access control for each employee before beginning the service.

Fast dispute resolution

Being a part of the ATMeye.iQ software solution, information about users' faces is linked to a transaction, i.e. if necessary, an image of the person’s face who performed a particular transaction can be found in the database. This speeds up the resolution of disputes with users of self-service terminals, as it reduces the time needed to find the necessary information about a transaction in the database.

Automated loan issuance

Integration with biometric data collection systems makes it possible to automate loan issuing procedures on self-service devices. The system provides opportunities to form a unified database of debtors with biometric profiles attached, which can be used by the bank to minimize its risks at the credit scoring stage.

Solution delivery formats


The client acquires the software package and the necessary set of peripheral equipment. The software solution is placed in the client's infrastructure.

Solution rental

The client uses the necessary software components and equipment on a rental basis. The software solution is placed in the BS/2 infrastructure.

Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS)

The client outsources video monitoring of the terminal network and incident reporting to BS/2.

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