The new generation (NG) of ATMeye.iQ is a comprehensive ATM security platform that uses video surveillance and video analytics systems, special physical impact sensors, anti-skimming devices, and other peripherals.

The platform provides capabilities for 24/7 remote monitoring of all events occurring in the immediate vicinity of the terminals. This helps reduce fraud and vandalism related to self-service devices and helps resolve disputes with customers.

The ATMeye.iQNG solution has been repeatedly awarded a number of international awards.

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Increasing ATM security

Protecting terminals from physical attacks, fraudulent transactions and vandalism

Proactive monitoring of self-service devices

Optimizing the security service operation

Optimizing support service operation for the terminal network

Fast resolution of disputes with customers


Video monitoring of ATM operation

ATMeye.iQNG software solution provides real-time photo and video monitoring of events at the ATM and its immediate vicinity. This allows you to restore the detailed picture of events accompanying each transaction or incident that took place in the self-service zone.

Linking photos & videos to a transaction or other event and easy search

All photos and videos from ATM cameras are automatically linked to a transaction or event on the self-service device for easy retrieval and faster reporting of the incident.

Remote camera setup and status check

In case of failure, intentional damage, or covering of an ATM camera, the system sends an alarm message to a security officer. In this case, the recording mode can be remotely configured for each terminal.

Proactive notifications of physical impact on terminals

In addition, the system operator is informed in real-time about the device's current operating status and can quickly respond in case of technical problems.

As part of the ATMeye.iQNG solution, sensors can be installed at a self-service terminal to detect any unauthorized physical impact on the terminal: a bump, tilt, gas or temperature change, etc. Notifications about the activation of sensors are sent instantly to a responsible bank employee, making it possible to respond promptly to the event and prevent physical attacks.

Receiving a signal from anti-skimming devices

Anti-skimming solution integration allows system users to instantly receive information about an attempt to install a third-party device on an ATM and automatically disable the terminal from service.

Remote access to ATM files

The solution allows you to download photos and logs from the terminal, upload the necessary software updates, media files, and other materials to it via a secure communication channel.

Centralized ATM management

The solution provides basic tools for managing the operating status of connected self-service devices, enabling you to set an ATM or payment kiosk into service mode, as well as to shut down or reboot it.

Use of pattern recognition and biometrics system

Portrait cameras installed on ATMs allow the identification of bank customers and blacklisted individuals of a financial institution. The face recognition function can be used for the authorization of service personnel and collectors.

Delivery format


The client acquires the software package and the necessary set of peripheral equipment in the property. The software solution is deployed in the customer's infrastructure.

Software lease

The client uses the necessary software components and equipment on a rental basis. The software solution is deployed in the BS/2 infrastructure.


The client outsources video monitoring of the terminal network and incident reporting to BS/2.

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