Vynamic™ View

Vynamic™ View is a platform for technical monitoring and self-service device management.
It provides an integrated approach to self-service fleet management, allows you to monitor the technical status of terminals and individual devices, remotely install and configure software, as well as receive detailed information about events occurring on devices: transactions, breakdowns, and various incidents.

Vynamic™ View allows you to work with different types of equipment from the world’s largest manufacturers.

The platform consists of several modules, each of which is designed to perform specific operational tasks.


Improved technical availability

Reduced ATM maintenance costs

Update automation and ensuring up-to-date software

Optimization of component inventory management

Automation of ATM security scripts

Visualization of analytical data of ATM fleet operation


Comprehensive technical monitoring

The system allows you to collect and process information about the operation and technical condition of self-service terminals.

Maintenance automation

Vynamic™ View allows to remotely solve a significant part of technical problems and quickly receive detailed information on the incident for further assignment of service work.

Remote ATM management

The software platform allows remote control of groups of devices or individual terminals (e.g. ATM restart, enabling service mode, etc.).

Centralized software update

The solution allows you to install and update software on all self-service devices connected to the system.

File transfer control

Centralized data transfer allows uploading electronic logs from devices, as well as uploading various files: graphics for user interfaces, advertisement media, videos, etc.

Analytics on ATM operation

The solution offers opportunities for collecting and processing historical data on incidents, allowing you to use them for reporting and forecasting equipment failures.

Delivery format


The client purchases a software solution, one or more of its individual modules, and places it in the customer's own system.

Solution lease

The client uses the necessary software components of the solution on a rental basis, while the software itself is located in the BS/2 infrastructure.


The client outsources to BS/2 the management of its fleet of self-service devices.

Minimal requirements

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development