Outsourcing of acquiring network

Developing the payment infrastructure and supporting its efficient operation is a complex task facing virtually any financial institution. Industry requirements and a high level of competition force financial sector companies to be as flexible as possible in providing end-user access to services provided at POS terminals, ATMs, and other devices.

The possibility to partially or fully delegate operational processes of payment infrastructure operation to a partner can significantly reduce the cost and increase the availability of payment acceptance services.

What we offer

Rental or leasing of equipment.
Preparation and distribution of devices to points of sale of goods and services.
Ensuring delivery of transactions.
Real-time monitoring of equipment and transactions.
Prompt resolution of customer requests based on monitoring data.
Servicing and replacement of malfunctioning payment terminals.
Implementation of new functionality at POS terminals.
Providing comprehensive reporting on the work of the payment infrastructure.

Why BS/2

Minimization of administrative and operational costs associated with the self-service channel and equipment maintenance.

No expenses for training and certification of specialists.

Reducing the total cost of infrastructure ownership.

Long-term transparency and predictability of costs and investments.

Reducing the amount of processed data.

Growth in key operating indicators of the self-service channel.

Use of modern technologies that meet industry standards.

Concentration of resources on the core activities of the organization.

Our services

We take care of the terminal infrastructure of banks and other financial organizations.


BS/2 software products are globally recognized and awarded with a number of international awards

BS/2 is a part of ATMIA, a leading non-profit trade organization representing the self-service banking industry worldwide.


BS/2 is annually certified for compliance with ITIL V3, ISO-20000, and ISO-27001 standards

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