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BS/2 Has Introduced Solutions for Cash Center Transformation and Cash Handling in Uzbekistan

BS/2 continues its series of international seminars focused on modern self-service devices and cash management. The interest in this topic in Central Asian countries is growing steadily, driven by an increase in cash volume in the economy and the demographic situation in the region. To address these challenges, BS/2 gathered over 60 representatives from 18 banks from Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Europe at the ATM & Cash Optimization seminar in Tashkent. The event featured three main thematic blocks:

  1. Transformation of banking and cash centers through the extensive use of all the capabilities of modern ATMs;
  2. Control of physical access to ATM safes, cash-in-transit vehicles, or vaults;
  3. Capabilities of counting and sorting equipment and cash management based on data analysis.

In the first segment, Kirill Ovsyannikov, BS/2’s Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, and Nikolay Zhelnins, the Market Development Manager in Uzbekistan for BS/2, discussed existing solutions for transforming banking centers by automating cash operations and redistributing workload from tellers to self-service devices. A new product by the leading global manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf was also introduced – the multifunctional dual tower DN Series 500/550 ATMs. This flagship device can capacitate up to 35,000 banknotes and process up to 18 denominations in recycling mode thanks to a wide variety of configuration options. Such a combination is ideally suited for the scenario of the device acting as an automatic multi-currency exchange point. The interactive teller module includes a passport/ID scanner, signature pad, and A4 printer. This significantly expands the possibilities for automating services that require customer identity verification and document signing, such as account opening, acceptance of loan, and contract signing. Sales of the DN Series 500/550 ATMs are scheduled to start in August 2024.

In the second part of the seminar, representatives from Sargent and Greenleaf, Silvano Montano and Sergey Ko, presented a solution for managing physical access control to valuables. They discussed the A-Series of electronic locks with a one-time access code, which ensure high security and significantly speed up ATM servicing through a mobile app for delivering codes to specialists. Discussing the global experience of Sargent and Greenleaf, Sergey Ko shared statistics and cases from other countries. He cited the example of the Reserve Bank of India, which in 2019, as part of developing cash handling security measures, mandated the use of locking elements with a one-time code as standard equipment for all the country’s ATMs. Denis Kokhaev from JSCB “Kapitalbank” shared the Uzbek experience of operating A-Series locks. This bank was the first in the country to begin implementing A-Series devices to modify the safes of its ATMs.

In the concluding part of the seminar, Anton Kukushkin, the Head of Cash Solutions & CIT at BS/2, presented the latest innovations in counting and sorting machines. Kirill Degtyarenko, BS/2 Product Manager, and Vladimir Alekseev, BS/2 Software Sales Manager, discussed the new version of the Cash Management.iQ 2.2.5 program, which includes a cash processing module. The new functionality allows for the collection and systematization of data about the quantity and quality of processed notes, up to the serial number, and analyzes the condition of the banknotes with high precision. This tool is essential for systematizing the resource statistics and performance of the counting and sorting equipment park, as well as for analyzing the structure and condition of the bank’s cash funds. More information about modern cash management solutions can be found at

In addition to theoretical introductions to the innovations, all the discussed equipment could be seen live, allowing attendees to study all characteristics in detail and ask clarifying questions. The seminar concluded with a roundtable where banking specialists from different countries exchanged experiences in optimizing cash circulation using modern ATMs.

BS/2 thanks all participants for their attention, interesting opinions, and productive discussions. The number of speakers at our educational events grows each year, and the lively interest and feedback from participants effectively prepare us for future meetings. The ATM & Cash Optimization seminar series takes place in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Stay tuned for announcements on our website in the “Events” section.

For over 30 years, BS/2 has been creating specialized software and technological solutions for banks, financial institutions, and service enterprises. BS/2 software solutions allow companies and financial organizations to organize, automate, and optimize business processes. The company is part of the Penki kontinentai group of enterprises and provides services in more than 90 countries worldwide. BS/2 has been operating in Uzbekistan since 2008.

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