Magner 130 Automatic Multi-Currency Counter

The Magner 130 is a single-pocket banknote counter featuring denomination detection, authentication, and a remote display. This model boasts a spacious color touch screen and a high-performance processor. Users particularly value its quiet operation and compact footprint, making it easily accommodated in confined spaces. Ideally suited for businesses with average circulating cash, such as bank client areas, small and medium-sized retail establishments, and offices.

This device excels in high-speed sorting based on denomination, orientation, and condition, processing up to 1200 banknotes per minute. The dynamic pocket assignment feature automatically reallocates cash once an unpopular denomination is removed, facilitating seamless processing for the new denomination.

The Magner 130 is equipped with a standard remote client display, allowing customers to observe and oversee the cash counting process, ensuring transparency. This feature not only engages customers directly in the procedure but also expedites service by providing real-time monitoring and control.

Device specifications

Speed, banknotes per minute800, 1000, 1200
Loading and receiving pocket capacity, banknotes500, 200
Detection types
  • Visible spectrum image (2CIS)
  • Infrared image (2CIS)
  • Ultraviolet detection
  • Magnetic detection
  • Optical density
  • Length and width of banknote
Operating modes
  • Simple count
  • Mix (counting mixed denominations together)
  • Denomination (identifying a different denomination in a stack)
  • Release (identifying a banknote from a different year in a stack)
  • Multicurrency count
  • Packaging
  • Summation
  • Serial number reading
Serial number comparisonOption
Serial number printing+
Display4.7″ (12.7 cm) LCD color touchscreen
Menu languageEnglish, Russian
External displayIncluded in standard configuration
Check printerOption
PortsUSB 2.0, LAN, RS232
Power supplyAC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption, W≤ 80
Dimensions (WDH), mm240*265*280
Weight, kg6.5


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