Magner 2000 series

Magner 2000 Series is a professional two-pocket multi-currency banknote counter and sorter. This compact solution is ideally suited to cash counting in large retail stores where there is a need to process high volumes of cash. It is also successfully used in banks for operations with evening cashiers. Additionally, it is suitable for currency exchange points, restaurants, and post offices.

The Magner 2000 Series is equipped with sensors to verify banknote security features, including ultraviolet and magnetic sensors. The machine uses advanced software algorithms to detect and reject counterfeit and bonded bills, identify jams and folds, ensuring the accuracy of the final result.

The dual-pocket design further enhances efficiency by allowing continuous cash counting and sorting. The hopper and stacker pockets have a large capacity and can hold up to 500 notes, minimizing the need for frequent replenishment. Using the rejection pocket, the system automatically identifies and discards counterfeit and damaged banknotes, promoting uninterrupted operation. The device also features energy-saving functions, such as automatic shutdown and sleep mode, which conserve energy and reduce overheating risk.

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Device specifications

Magner 2000 series

Speed, notes/min800, 1000, 1200, 1300
Capacity of Hopper / Stacker / Reject pockets, notes500 / 250 / 100
Operating modes
  • Simple recalculation
  • Mix
  • Sort by issue year
  • Sort by denomination
  • Sort by orientation and front side
  • Sort by wear and tear (in the Magner 2000F model)
  • Multicurrency recalculation
Types of detection
  • Dual CIS (Contact Image Sensors)
  • Visible White Reflection (Front and Rear)
  • UV (Ultraviolet)
  • Full line MG (Magnetic)
  • IRT (Infrared Transmission)
  • Optical density
  • Length and width of the banknote
Auto Currency Detection+
Display4.3-inch touch screen LCD
Multi-currency interface+
Dust protection cover+
External DisplayOptional
Receipt printerOptional
Banknote sterilizer (Ionizer)Optional
Integration capability with Cash Management.iQ+
Power supply100 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption, W150
Production CountrySouth Korea
Dimensions (W*D*H), mm360*300*308
Weight, kg12.5
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