Henkovac T-series

Sorting and packaging of banknotes are mandatory stages of cash processing in commercial organizations and banks. Modern organizations use special equipment – vacuum packers of banknotes for streamlining paper banknotes. These compact and vacuum-tight devices are equipped with a mechanism that pumps air out of bags. One of these banknote packing machines is the Henkovac T-series models supplied by BS/2.

Depending on the capacity, the range includes the following models:

  • Henkovac T3 – one-pack (1000 banknotes)
  • Henkovac T4 – two-pack (2000 banknotes)
  • Henkovac T5 – three-pack (3000 banknotes)
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Device specifications

Henkovac T-series are high-performance banknote packing machines equipped with vacuum pumps from the German company BUSCH. These devices are used for packaging banknotes in plastic bags under vacuum. Information with bank details is applied to the sealing place.

The highest speed

These quiet models offer capacities of 8, 16 and 21 m³/h and the highest cycle speed in the class, from 10 seconds.

Safety and comfort of use

Henkovac T-series have the CE mark issued by the Association for Occupational Safety and Health as proof of safety testing. A long cable (2.5m) is for ease of use. Bank details get to the place of soldering thanks to a wide welding spiral.

Long service life

A separate maintenance and cleaning program for the pump is designed to prolong its life. The Henkovac “trenn” cut-off spiral provides 10 times longer service life than comparable ones.

European quality

The T-series models are manufactured by the Netherlandish company Henkovac International, which has specialized in the manufacture of banknote vacuum packing machines for over 70 years. The mission of the company is to manufacture reliable vacuum packers that meet the highest quality standards. Henkovac International products are in demand in more than 80 countries.

Operational advantages

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Low operating costs
  • High quality of vacuum, imprint of bank details, package cutting
  • Cliche sizes are identical to other brands and can be customized for unpopular models
Henkovac T3Henkovac T4Henkovac T5
Number of packages to be packed, number of banknotes1 (1000 banknotes)2 (2000 banknotes)3 (3000 banknotes)
Cycle speedfrom 10 seconds
Vacuum pump performance, m3/h8 or 16 (depends on configuration)16 or 21 (depends on configuration)21
Vacuum pumpBUSCH (Germany)
Dimensions of the working chamber (W × D × H), mm320 × 330 × 160420 × 370 × 180880 × 295 × 95
Cliche size, mm320420900
Power, V/Hz220-240 / 1-50 / 60220-240 / 1-50
Power consumption, kW0,4-0,50,7-1,31,3
Packing dimensions (W × D × H), mm425 × 550 × 410530 × 590 × 460990 × 520 × 440
Weight, kg4155102
Productionthe Netherlands
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