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.iQ Central Video Management (Remote) – Intellectual Advertisement Management

BS/2, a banking technology and outsourcing services company, that is a member of the company group Penki kontinentai introduces .iQ Video Management – a video solution for advertisement management, which is designed for ATMs, information and payment terminals, and screens equipped at the supermarket cash registers.

“It is obvious that an advertisement appearing on the ATM screen distracts the user from the transaction, which may result in the risk of data insecurity. Thus, the new self-service devices have two screens, and the upper screen is designed for advertisements”, said Saulius Paukštys, the Head of Strategic Planning and Programming Department of Penki kontinentai.

According to Mr. Paukštys, the modern technologies give us the ability to display direct advertisement and to manage it even on such a mass-use device as the ATMs.

“The administrator creates a playlist on the .iQ Video Management environment, and sets it up on the basis of events, time parameters or other factors related to the device. Besides, all settings can be changed in real time”, said Mr. Paukštys.

For instance, if a stadium is built near an ATM or terminal, an advertisement intended for male fans can be displayed on the device during game time. The system also can be set up on the basis of payment card (or loyalty program) data. In this case, during the transaction the screen displays an advertisement related to a cardholder’s sex, age, services mostly ordered with the card, etc.

“The .iQ Video Management solution belongs to .iQ product family, and is related to ATMeye.iQ Video Security and Monitoring System. In case of a crime, an additional screen may be used as an alarm shield warning the people around about the crime”, added the company’s representative.

The flow of video can be transferred to the device screen – individual or network – both from the company’s server and from the Internet. Furthermore, statistical data on the displayed video clips (their amount, time of display, etc.) are collected constantly. .iQ Video Management system can be managed remotely by a computer, iPad, iPhone and other devices.

The latest IP TV technologies, developed by Penki kontinentai during the last five years, were taken into account during the development of .iQ Video Management solution.

.iQ Video Management system will be available for the first-time testing during the International Exhibition Wincor World 2011, which will be held on the 25th – 27th of January, in Paderborn (Germany).

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