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BS/2 presented the latest software solutions at the Kazakhstan Forum

BS/2 proudly unveiled its latest software solutions at the IV International PLUS-Forum in Almaty, themed “Fintech Borderless. Digital Eurasia.”
The BS/2 updated banking products, such as the ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ dispute resolution system and the Payments.iQᴺᴳ platform, designed for payments and service transactions on ATM, were debuted in Kazakhstan.

A major event highlight was the introduction of DS Center.iQ, a decision support system.

Solutions That Will Increase Bank Profits

In the banking sector, BS/2 promotes the development of self-service channels. The company provides new-generation multifunctional ATMs with advanced software.
The Deputy General Director for Strategic Development at BS/2, Kirill Ovsiannikov, believes innovations should not only enhance the banking system’s functionality but also improve its efficiency.

Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development:

Despite our advanced products, we realize that it is crucial to constantly update software development and support technologies. Further, it is essential to increase deployment functionality and speed to enhance the project’s profitability. We presented our products at PLUS-Forum with a completely redesigned philosophy. For example, Payments.iQ is an updated platform that provides measurable payback periods for the technical fleet as well as improving device functionality.

BS/2’s solutions were not unfamiliar to the banking sector of Kazakhstan. Leading national banks are already utilizing flagship products ATMeye.iQ and Payments.iQ.
The updated ATMeye.iQ, launched early in 2023, provides a fast and efficient approach to customer dispute resolution and self-service device monitoring. The program can be accessed via a browser, without installing a desktop version.
ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ can also be run using both the bank’s internal resources and cloud hosting servers.

Empower Your Business with DS Center.iQ

The significant launch of the event was the DS Center.iQ, a decision-making system that seamlessly integrates and unifies data from various sources.

For financial institutions, decision support systems have become essential in a data-rich and rapidly evolving environment. DS Center.iQ simplifies data analysis and processing, allowing managers at all levels to make timely and informed decisions. The system enables users to forecast income, compare various indicators, explore alternative solutions, identify customer preferences, and manage risks effectively.

In summary, DS Center.iQ empowers financial companies to offer more personalized and high-quality services by analyzing customer needs and behaviors.

Smart ATMs Enhance Customer Experience

The PLUS-Forum agenda included discussions on fintech development, government services, E-commerce, and payment business, drawing more than 1,600 attendees and featuring 90 speakers.

BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development Kirill Ovsiannikov and Denis Kokhaev, Head of Business Technical Support Department at JSCB “Kapitalbank”, presented details on their collaborative project to modernize ATM fleets and implement innovative software. Speakers focused on solutions that generate additional income and enhance customer service.

The self-service devices were mentioned as versatile tools for currency exchange with FCX.iQ software. This module automates exchange rate settings, commission calculations, and exchange pairs, streamlining operations.
Additionally, the Payments.iQ platform broadens ATM functionality by enabling various payment and money transfer options, such as bill payments, ticket purchases, and top-ups.
The partnership between BS/2 and JSCB “Kapitalbank” involved the supply of 750 DN Series self-service devices, ensuring more convenient access to financial services for over 1.6 million bank customers.

Banking Infrastructure with Cutting-Edge Equipment

At the event, BS/2 showcased its latest technological innovations, including modern ATMs with recirculation systems DN Series 200H and DN Series 400V, capable of processing up to 300 banknotes in 4 denominations in a single transaction. These high-efficiency ATMs can be installed in high-traffic areas, reducing CIT frequency and saving costs.

The exclusive DN Series 200H model, featuring a 23.8-inch monitor, garnered attention, offering a more interactive user experience with a bright display and enhanced privacy protection.

BS/2 experts also demonstrated VCP software solutions from Diebold Nixdorf for self-service devices. VCP-Lite and VCP-Pro optimize ATM management and enhance customer service.

Anna Pankraz, Director of Partner Sales Development APAC & CEE at Diebold Nixdorf:

Banks aim to leverage ATMs not only as financial transaction points but also as an additional means of engaging with customers. Simultaneously, they seek to utilize these self-service devices to offer a diverse range of services. Our state-of-the-art equipment boasts numerous functions, coupled with smart devices featuring advanced software solutions. Through collaboration between BS/2 and Diebold Nixdorf, we are building a bridge connecting the physical and digital realms, shaping the concept of “Phygital.” This concept allows customers to access advanced financial services seamlessly.

The Almaty exhibition also featured advanced models of counting and sorting equipment from manufacturers MAGNER International, South Automation, and SmartTec.

BS/2 became the exclusive distributor of German South Automation equipment in Kazakhstan in 2023, and signed a partnership agreement with Magner International (USA) to supply cash counting and sorting equipment.

Ashburn International showcased SUNMI P2 and Ingenico payment devices while also explaining how its Translink.iQ platform can be used for network management, routing, and monitoring of real-time transactions from EFTPOS terminals.

Furthermore, the solution expands its capabilities for acquiring equipment, enhancing its standard functionality. Currently, Translink.iQ is used in Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

Also, ASHBURN International offers network outsourcing services. Discussions at the forum explored the potential benefits of outsourcing equipment maintenance to reduce costs and increase payment acceptance services availability for acquiring banks.

Supporting Banking Innovation Across Central Asia

The PLUS-Forum was attended by representatives from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries upon the invitation of BS/2.

The Forum in Almaty had a special meaning for BS/2. The company was the main sponsor of the event. In December the subsidiary company BS/2 Kazakhstan is preparing to celebrate its 15th anniversary. With more than 80 employees and 24 branches across the country, it is the company’s largest branch in Central Asia.

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