New DN Series ATMs

Discover the ATM series that will redefine the way you think about self-service. The DN series allows for strategic growth while also providing the most integrated capabilities in the smallest and most secure place.

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Discover our solutions for retail businesses

With our wide selection of POS terminals, Self-Checkout, and other solutions, you can make your in-store experience simple and intuitive.

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Leading ATM
Security Solution

ATMeye.iQ - all-in-one ATM security, dispute handling, and anti-fraud solution for banks and financial institutions.

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Cutting-edge Cash
Management Software

Cash Management.iQ is an innovative software solution for online cash monitoring and forecasting for any cashpoints.

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Flexible and Scalable Cash Counting and Sorting Equipment

Meet CPS X Range™. Designed for commercial banks, bank branches, and small central banks where the greatest levels of accuracy and security are critical.

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Business Solutions



Modern and reliable Diebold Nixdorf ATMs combine ergonomic design, ease of use, and the latest cash processing technology.

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Retail Equipment

Retail solutions allow you to organize your retail space to increase the efficiency of customer interaction and reduce the total cost of store ownership.

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Cash Counting and Processing Machines

Cash counting and sorting machines, stackers, coin counters, and others are used to reduce the load on employees in places with significant cash flows.

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Other Equipment

Modern solutions allow you to optimize the process of cash circulation within the financial institution, to ensure a high level of security during the storage and collection of cash.

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