X Range™


The CPS X-Range series of cash sorting machines provides the highest level of cash handling quality in the cash centers of commercial and central banks, cash collection companies as well as in the gambling and retail businesses.

High-precision sensors and a reliable banknote transport system ensure the highest performance in continuous operation – up to 54,000 banknotes per hour.

X-Range models:

  • X3200/X3500 (2+1 pockets)
  • X4200/X4500 (3+1 pockets)
  • X5500 (4+1 pockets)
  • X6500 (5+1 pockets)
  • X7500 (6+1 pockets)
  • X9500 (8+1 pockets)
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Device specifications

  • The possibility to choose the optimal machine based on the cash volume and business tasks to be solved
  • Different modes of cash processing Handling several currencies on one machine
  • One of the most reliable mechanisms of cash processing
  • High ergonomic features (especially for multi-pocket machines)
  • Ability to integrate with various cash management systems
  • Printing of various reports directly from the machine
  • Number of dispensing pockets (standard) – 2 to 8
  • Number of rejection pockets (standard) – 1
  • Banknote feeder capacity – 1000 banknotes
  • Processing speed (maximum) – 1100 banknotes per minute
  • Processing speed (default) – 900 banknotes per minute
  • Processing speed (thorough) – 750 banknotes per minute
  • Dispense pocket capacity – 200/500 banknotes
  • Reject pocket capacity – 200/500 banknotes
  • Dispense pocket capacity – 200/500 banknotes
  • Reject pocket capacity – 200/500 banknotes
  • Banknote transport type – Horizontal
  • Operator’s screen – Touch-screen, color (7”)
  • Banknote Verification Sensors: Magnetic, UV on both sides, Fluorescent, Infrared, Contact image sensor, Optical (OCR)
  • Banknote condition check sensors – Determining: Dirt and stains, Ink and paint, Print abrasion, Holes and tears, Bent and torn corners, Overlapping gluing,
  • Taping.
  • Banknote dimensions: Width – up to 85mm, Length: up to 182mm
  • Connection – LAN, USB, RS232
  • Operating system – Linux
  • Access control – Operator login and password
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