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BS/2 retail solutions that will change Azerbaijan’s shopping

Azerbaijan’s economy is ready for the stores of the future. “BS/2 Retail Business Brunch” for retail industry representatives was held in Baku on 5 October. Retail equipment manufacturers, including DATALOGIC, Diebold Nixdorf, Bizerba, SOTI, and Modern Expo, discussed their latest innovations. The event was organized by BS/2.

“BS/2 Retail Business Brunch” aimed to provide market participants with an overview of global trends in the retail industry, as well as solve current retail issues.

It has become one of the most important events for the retail community in the country. The industry requires constant knowledge updating and new innovations. Therefore, the event served as a platform for sharing experiences, showcasing new technologies, and discussing key trade topics.

Jurij Mikuckij, BS/2 Deputy Head of Retail Equipment Sales:

BS/2 Retail Business Brunch” brought together industry representatives and retail equipment manufacturers. Guests could hear the reports and learn about modern trade solutions. Among the equipment presented were more than 10 models of DATALOGIC scanners, various Bizerba scales, modular and ‘all-in-one’ cash register equipment from Diebold Nixdorf, and DN series self-service checkouts.

Artificial Intelligence for Self-Service Checkouts

“BS/2 Retail Business Brunch” focused on self-service device integration in Azerbaijan’s retail chains.
This equipment has the advantages of speed, space efficiency (instead of 2 lines with cashiers, 6 “checkouts” can be installed), and staff cost reduction.

Self-service checkouts allow users to scan goods and pay by card or cash, with artificial intelligence ensuring accuracy and quality. The guests enjoyed using the DN series checkouts at the business brunch.

Emil Musayev, BS/2 Head of Retail Equipment Sales:

Cash registers have learned to recognize goods and determine expiration dates with the help of neural networks. Thus, artificial intelligence enables shop visitors to make purchases quickly and efficiently. The older generation is also willingly adopting self-service checkouts, even though cashierless checkouts were once more popular among consumers of the younger generation.

Self-Service Shopping with Mobile Scanners

A wide range of stationary and portable scanners are available from DATALOGIC. For example, scanners designed for warehouses can read barcodes from 20 m away.

Igor Shteiner, DATALOGIC Customer Service Manager for CIS Countries:

Self-scanning solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Using such devices, visitors can generate sales receipts while walking around the shop. This is quite a promising solution for retail transformation in Azerbaijan.

Modern retail devices can be integrated with equipment from other manufacturers. As a result, retail network processes are more efficient. For instance, DATALOGIC Magellan series scanners with a weighing cell are compatible with Diebold Nixdorf self-service checkouts.

Scales That Do Not Need an Assistant

Artificial intelligence scales are gradually replacing barcode printers. Using the equipment, buyers do not need to enter numerical combinations or select goods on the screen, as a neural network determines what category items belong to.

Anton Denysenko, Managing Director at Bizerba Ukraine LLC:

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in retail, from weighing products to accounting for goods at self-service checkouts. Neural networks monitor shelves to prevent missing goods and provide security through facial recognition. Modern retailers implement AI technologies to reduce criminal activities at the point of sale.

On average, weight categories account for 30% of all transactions in a grocery shop’s assortment. This means that one in three receipts could include mislaid goods.

Shoppers and employees both benefit from smart scales, which reduce the likelihood of errors.

Turab Huseynov, Head of IT Department, ANC GROUP LLC:

At the “BS/2 Retail Business Brunch,” it was especially interesting to see self-service checkouts in action. Modern technologies allow customers to pay for goods quickly and conveniently, and retailers to reduce theft and shortages. Such equipment could bring significant benefits to retail chains in Azerbaijan. Artificial intelligence will simplify the daily routine at the point of sale and solve staff shortages. Such innovations can improve efficiency and the customer experience in our retail chains.

Tsotne Kalichava, E-commerce and CRM systems manager at ALTA (Georgia):

We were very pleased to attend the Retail Business Branch organized by BS/2 in Baku. Representatives of ALTA retail chain got acquainted with advanced equipment and software solutions for retail.
Participation in the event allowed us to get valuable information about the current situation in the retail trade sphere. Meetings with local companies provided an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish contacts.
We are grateful to BS/2 for organizing this meeting. “Retail Business Branch” emphasizes the importance of working together to shape retail’s future.

Parcel Lockers – a Complete Replacement for the Post Offices

In 2023, the first parcel locker in Baku opened thanks to the cooperation between BS/2 and the Ukrainian company Modern Expo, a comprehensive retail solutions provider. The product range includes shelving, refrigeration equipment, and, of course, postmates.

Pilot project launched by BS/2 Azerbaijan employees in record time. Within 3 months, the parcel locker software was adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Ilgar Hasanov, BS/2 Azerbaijan Director:

Parcel lockers are an innovative solution for our region. BS/2 Azerbaijan has installed a demonstration postal terminal for potential customers to familiarize themselves with this product.
Logistic organizations and marketplaces are already interested in such devices. We are pleased that these companies plan to use parcel lockers at their delivery points across the country. In this way, goods recipients will become familiar with the new shopping way. By providing this support, people will be encouraged to use their postal machines more frequently.

DS Center.iQ – an Innovative Approach to Retail Management Using IoT

BS/2 presented its new decision support system DS Center.iQ for the first time at the event in Azerbaijan. The modern retail industry is intensively using the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to it, all devices are united for data transmission and exchange to ensure smooth operation and improve customer experience.

DS Center.iQ allows information from various sources to be analyzed and presented in clear graphs and dashboards. This system can improve retail chain management by providing retailers with more control and decision-making capabilities.

BS/2 has experience building user-friendly retail ecosystems. The company specializes in technical equipment supply and integration of its equipment with various software. It helps retailers increase profits by optimizing business processes.

The BS/2 head office is based in Lithuania and includes 7 subsidiaries. BS/2 Azerbaijan is one of them, operating in the local market since 1999. There are two service centers in the country – in Baku and Ganja. Engineers at these sites perform repairs and maintenance of technical equipment for customers. In total, BS/2 Azerbaijan has more than 4000 units of trading equipment.

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