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BS/2 introduced its security and banking service automation solutions in Uzbekistan

Digitalization is a key trend in Uzbekistan’s banking sector. Financial institutions actively integrate technologies like iBanking, mBanking, biometric identification, and NFC tools. As a result, customers can access and use banking services more conveniently and easily.

The “ATM: Business and Security” seminar, organized by BS/2, gained considerable interest in the country’s financial community. Over 60 participants from 17 banks attended the event. 

The seminar featured a mixed format. There were presentations of software products and a lively discussion about modern banking equipment and software implementation.

Nikolajs Želnins, Head of Market Development in Uzbekistan, BS/2:

The seminar was valuable and unique because all presentations used concrete examples. We showcased advanced technologies and discussed the implementation of new equipment from both a business and security perspective. Participants were highly interested in innovative software for modern self-service devices. I believe banks will adopt a more innovative approach to their work after attending the event. Overall, the “ATM: Business and Security” seminar provided a productive platform for sharing experiences and gaining practical skills.

Presentation of ATM DN Series 400V

First time in Uzbekistan, BS/2 presented the new ATM recycler DN Series 400V at the ATM: Business and Security seminar. This device can hold up to 17,500 banknotes.

Equipped with the innovative 4th generation RM4V module, the DN Series 400V offers the most reliable cash recycling system. The device enables swift withdrawal or deposit of a large amount of cash and processes 4 to 8 currencies/nominations in recirculation mode.

During the event, participants learned about the differences between the RM4V and RM4H modules. The identical layout of modules on top of the device and the use of a common security system facilitate the integration of the new equipment into the existing infrastructure. This solution makes deployment easier and more affordable. Additionally, the RM4V module can be equipped with dual cassettes. RM4H does not support this feature.

In summary, the RM4V module provides enhanced capacity, more recycling options, and the ability to use more denominations in cassettes with similar or increased capacity than the RM4H.

Pic.1 RM4V Technology Advantages

The seminar featured a report from JSCB “Kapitalbank” representatives. In 2023, the bank signed a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership with BS/2 and purchased a large quantity of modern self-service devices.
In JSCB “Kapitalbank”, ATMs are already turning into full-fledged self-service devices with the help of BS/2’s flagship solutions.
Denis Kohaev, Head of the Technical Business Support Department, shared implementation details of VCP Lite, Payments.iQᴺᴳ, and ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ software.

For instance, Payments.iQᴺᴳ with its FCX.iQ and QR-Pay modules enables cardless top-ups, phone payments, currency exchange at ATMs, and more.

Comprehensive Security of Self-Service Devices

A new generation of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ was introduced at the seminar, facilitating prompt customer complaint resolution and comprehensive ATM network monitoring. Participants expressed keen interest in this product, resulting in lively discussions.

BS/2’s technological partner Sargent & Greenleaf (USA) also attended the event. The company’s representatives shared insights into S&G projects and displayed electronic lock models fitted with one-time access codes.

During the seminar, participants learned how to use the S&G A-Series electronic locks to control ATM access. At present, three banks in Uzbekistan have implemented this solution to ensure ATM service and CIT security. In conclusion, Sargent & Greenleaf awarded certificates to technical course attendees.

The Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System (IBNS) is a component of comprehensive ATM protection. This topic was talked about at the event as well. Using IBNS technology, banknotes in ATM cassettes or CIT containers are automatically marked with indelible ink in case of ATM tampering. IBNS is authorized in Uzbekistan, facilitating criminal identification and capture with unique ink stain markers.

BS/2 Has Opened its New Office in Tashkent

BS/2 opened its representative office in Uzbekistan in 2008 to strengthen customer relationships at the local level. Currently, “BS/2 Tashkent” operates 13 service centers and maintains a wide ATM network in the country.

In 2023, BS/2 Tashkent celebrated its 15th anniversary. A new office was opened in the capital of Uzbekistan to coincide with the jubilee. The company is preparing a showroom where DN Series ATMs, software emulators, EFTPOS terminals, self-service checkouts, and other retail solutions will be displayed.

We invite our partners who could not attend the seminar to visit our office in Tashkent. Discover our solutions and devices, get detailed information, and talk with our specialists in a welcoming environment.

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