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Results of the BS/2 strategy session in Vilnius: exchange of experience and plans for further development

The annual strategic session for employees of Penki Kontinentai Group was held in Vilnius. The forum was attended by representatives of the Lithuanian headquarters, including specialists from BS/2, ASHBURN International, and PKKC, as well as key members of the subsidiaries in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, and Estonia.

Presenters and attendees discussed professional topics during the session. In the meeting, colleagues shared their experiences of working with financial organizations in different countries. Participants also learned more about the company’s updated software.

Over 80 employees of the group of companies attended the conference in Vilnius. Simultaneously, at least 250 people connect online. Live video broadcasts were shown throughout the five-day session. Penki Kontinentai Chairman of the Board Idrakas Dadašovas actively participated in the meetings.

Penki Kontinentai Chairman of the Board with representatives of the Center of Competencies (left to right): Abror Bozorboyev (UZ), Nikoloz Kukujanov (GE), Anton Hohanov (AZ), Mansur Edigenov (KZ), Sergey Kuksov (LT), Idrakas Dadašovas, Konstantins Kabarovs (LV), Vladimir Besprozvannykh (UZ), Kirill Vinogradov (LT), Zhasurbek Botirjonov (UZ).

Idrakas Dadašovas, Penki Kontinentai Chairman of the Board:

This year’s strategy session was attended not only by managers but also by key employees who were not present at previous events. Each of them has contributed significantly to the development of the company, and today they are eager to share what they have learned. It was good that we had a free dialogue during the discussion. Participants were able to express their opinions on projects, approaches, or processes, as well as receive recommendations and apply them in a variety of ways. Thanks to all the participants for giving very interesting presentations at the forum.

Focus on live communication

BS/2 subsidiaries are separated by several time zones, and staff meetings are typically held remotely. During the strategy session, colleagues can meet in person, socialize, and discuss work issues.

Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development:

We aim to gain a better understanding of what companies stand for, what their aspirations are, and how they view the future through networking. The participants organized themselves into groups. Latvia discussed counting and sorting equipment with Azerbaijan. Specialists from Georgia and Kazakhstan exchanged experience in the area of acquiring because both countries were interested in learning from one another. BS/2 also has many new employees who have recently joined the team. The session was a great opportunity to introduce them and bring them up to speed.

The latest software solutions for banks are taking center stage

During the forum, BS/2 representatives from different countries and areas spoke to the audience. They shared the results of last year’s activities, success stories, and plans for the future. There was also an additional session for technical specialists focusing on BS/2’s flagship products. Key employees of the company prepared presentations about ATMeye.iQNG security and monitoring system, Payments.iQNG for accepting payments, currency exchange, credit redemption, cardless top-up, Cash Management.iQ solution for effective cash circulation. Participants also learned about Diebold Nixdorf’s VCP-Lite platform for expanding ATM functionality.

DS Center.iQ, a universal decision-making system, received special attention. Head of the tribe Andrejs Volkovs presented this platform as a vital link for creating an ecosystem of BS/2 products. This solution provides analytics in different sections. The more products integrated with DS Center.iQ, the greater the ability to interpret data.

The presentation by ASHBURN International staff led to a useful discussion. Acquiring networks in the countries of presence expands constantly. During the meeting, participants could ask questions about EFTPOS devices and the TransLink.iQ system. The software allows for managing a network of payment terminals and monitoring transactions in real-time.

Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy General Director of BS/2:

Recently, we claimed Vilnius was the site of the BS/2 Center of Competencies. However, after this session, we can confidently say that similar centers have now been established in other countries as well. I believe our next strategy sessions can be held in those companies that serve as examples for us today.

The strategy session provided new perspectives for productive interaction between teams and for more open communication. Learning from the experiences of other countries was particularly valuable, according to participants. With this knowledge, staff will be able to consider threats and risks their colleagues previously faced. BS/2 subsidiaries present impressive figures that illustrate the amount of work involved. Moving forward and striving towards a common goal is inspiring.

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