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EuroCIS 2024: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Retail

The EuroCIS 2024 retail solutions exhibition was held in Germany at the end of February. Over 13,500 people from 95 countries visited the event in Dusseldorf for three days. More than 475 companies demonstrated their retail hardware and software. These included BS/2 and ASHBURN International partners – Diebold Nixdorf, Bizerba, Zebra, Datalogic, Ingenico, Verifone, and SUNMI.

The forum presented various equipment for supermarkets, advanced EFTPOS systems, smart shopping carts, interactive kiosks and store counters, energy-efficient ESL (electronic price labels), innovative payment solutions, and other innovations.

At EuroCIS 2024, BS/2 and ASHBURN International representatives met with partners to discuss the main trends in retail.

AI is the New Driver in Retail

Technological developments based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) were the key point at EuroCIS 2024.

The BS/2 partner, Diebold Nixdorf, introduced its new “Vynamic® Smart Vision | Shrink Reduction” software. Using neural networks, the solution prevents theft and fraud at traditional cash registers and self-service checkouts (SSC). Cameras observe the scanning area around and use artificial intelligence to identify:

  • voluntary non-scans (e.g., theft)
  • unintentional non-scans (e.g., errors)
  • scanning only one item instead of several
  • leaving items in the shopper’s hand, basket, or cart
  • canning items but not paying for them
  • paying for some items but leaving with more
  • walking out without paying or scanning
  • using false barcodes
  • switching barcodes
  • switching loose items to prioritize the cheaper one

Smart Vision technology enhances Diebold Nixdorf’s existing solutions for detecting customer ages, recognizing product types, and estimating shelf life. This unification will be one of the most comprehensive and scalable solutions to reduce shrinkage.

Self-service channels play an increasingly pivotal role in retail. According to, 59% of purchasers aged 18 to 34 prefer self-service checkouts (SSC) if they are available in-store.

Technology is continually evolving. More businesses are increasingly turning to neural network-based solutions to solve their problems. Eventually, SSC devices will be able to serve as full-fledged shopping assistants.

Global Industry Analyst Inc. forecasts that the SSC market will reach $6 billion by 2026.

Emil Musayev, Head of Retail Equipment Sales at BS/2:

Customer-centricity is at the core of many retail solutions. A self-service device must be quick and reliable, weigh goods with high accuracy, and guess consumer preferences. These tasks are already performed using artificial intelligence.

Leading retailers have become increasingly aware of the potential of self-service technology. Such equipment optimizes retail space, reduces staff costs, and offers a wide range of additional marketing and customer engagement opportunities.

The Look of a Modern Supermarket

Online order fulfillment speed, real-time availability monitoring, and minimizing fraud and shrinks are the most crucial challenges in retail. The conclusions are drawn from the Zebra Global Shopper Study 2023. The research was conducted among retail decision-makers.

At EuroCIS 2024, Zebra presented its comprehensive Modern Store platform. The system optimizes inventory in warehouses and stores as well as improves customer service. Also, the Modern Store system reduces product loss and controls staffing issues.

Zerba is a global provider of hardware, software, and services focused on automating and optimizing workflows.

IoT Solutions and Services

This year Bizerba emphasized digital technologies for effective customer interaction with brands and products.

The company presented its innovative solutions for weighing goods. These include the K3 and Q1 plus series scales, the M-Class II Pro multifunctional trade scales, and product slicers.

Bizerba’s innovative weighing equipment collects information about sales. As a result, retailers can create personalized recommendations based on customer purchase data.

Jurij Mikuckij, Deputy Head of Retail Equipment Sales at BS/2:

Digital services enhance store value. Retailers want to be closer to their customers and offer more personalized service. In this case, customers’ smartphones play a vital role. Through a mobile app, users can receive targeted offers based on their profile, scan products on the shop floor, or ask for online advice. Moreover, all discount coupons, bonus points, and giveaways have been digitally adapted.

New Solutions for Scanning Goods

Moving to self-service in retail is inevitably associated with shortages. In many cases, this is the result of unintentional theft. The customer leaves items in the shopping basket or moves them to the packaging area without scanning or weighing them. Each year, losses reach more than a hundred billion dollars.

DATALOGIC proposed ways to reduce shrinkages at EuroCIS 2024.

Using this solution, external cameras can be connected directly to the Magellan 9600i and Magellan 9900i scanners without additional network equipment.

The integration creates a “recognition zone” where information about products and checkout processes is collected and analyzed. This approach improves POS and SSC functionality and provides more accurate and useful data for business management.

BIoT Technologies for Digital Payments

In EuroCIS 2024, SUNMI showcased a variety of the 3rd Generation payment devices. These were mobile and stand-alone terminals based on Android OS for different business purposes.

The company officially launched its BIoT (Internet of Things for Business) strategy to apply the Internet of Things across all business areas.

Through this concept, businesses and their partners collaborate, share information, and interact using digital capabilities to create an interconnected business world.

The updated P3 EFTPOS terminal was presented at SUNMI’s booth. The device has an innovative design, high-speed payment processing, and multiple features, including barcode or QR code scanning, payment by smart devices, multi-touch, etc. The new equipment will integrate Translink.iQ software and provide 3-in-1 functionality: cash application, payment solution, and fiscalization.

Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director at ASHBURN International:

SUNMI is our key partner in deploying innovative payment solutions. In the past year, ASHBURN International successfully distributed over 15,000 SUNMI P2 EFTPOS terminals across all regions of our operation.

In the current year, our primary objective extends beyond merely increasing terminal sales volumes and introducing new EFTPOS models. We aim to diversify our product portfolio by including cash registers and other essential equipment for merchants.

At EuroCIS 2024, we held over a dozen significant meetings with cash solution suppliers, acquirers, and fiscal integrators. Discussions focused on the latest advancements and features of payment equipment. Furthermore, we exchanged practical insights with manufacturers on hardware operations and explored various related topics.

Our company is at the intersection of retail and banking, PCI, cash management, and fiscal technology. Thus, EuroCIS is ideally suited to foster collaboration across these areas.

Another innovation presented at EuroCIS 2024 is the Super POS solution developed by Qualcomm and SUNMI. The platform runs on both Windows and Android OS. Retailers still use Windows-based POS terminals. However, Android devices are gaining popularity. In the case of switching from Windows to Android, this equipment can be adapted faster and more efficiently. In the retail industry, Super POS is already recognized as a breakthrough.

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BS/2 is a comprehensive provider of equipment and solutions for the retail industry. The company fulfills projects related to opening new shops and deals with rebuilding and maintaining existing facilities.

Ashburn International has extensive experience in the payment industry. As an expert in TSP, the company operates in the Baltic States, provides outsourcing services for acquiring networks worldwide, and consults payment service providers.

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