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Dashboard.iQ: all business indicators in one medium

Individuals working in the decision-making field must regularly be informed of what is going on within their activities. To this effect, an instrument is necessary that would be able to reflect the key business indicators in the real-time regime, enabled to respond to changes in due time and expeditiously, as well as conveyed information to responsible structures.

Apple Inc. originally suggested the dashboard or toolbar ideology for the users willing to have a personalized desktop. It provides widgets or applications with the weather, exchange rates, translation, phone book, etc.

Such toolbar ideology was used as a basis for Dashboard. BS/2 Company developed iQ. According to Mr. Idrak Dadashov, representative of the Penki Kontinentai Group management, which includes BS/2, Dashboard.iQ is related with the business logic, which is much more complicated than the weather or calculator widgets. However, the idea is similar.

Holding positions in different hierarchical levels requires assuming liability for specific business segments and, certainly, different specific information on that segment. A unique, simple to use and flexible medium meeting the scenario selected by a specific member of the decision-making system must be worked out for each business sector”, told Mr. Dadashov.

Dashboard.iQ product elaborated by BS/2 Company acts as a control center of all integrated modules of the .iQFamily group products. Reports provided in it may be generated based on historical data and about a given period or may contain information relevant at the inquiry time. This is a set of customized multilanguage modules related to different information systems (accounting, HR database, network equipment monitoring system, etc.). When creating his own set, the author indicates what data, in what format, in what frequency, and where he desires to receive them. It is noteworthy that information may be furnished by all possible means – in Outlook, tablet computer, mobile phone, server, etc.

“In one toolbar, let us say available in your mobile phone, it is possible to customize the output of a huge network infrastructure. For example, being in a Vilnius meeting, you may observe at what time a new automated cashpoint was hooked in Baku in the real-time regime. By the way, this is also an ideal solution for the analysis of results of electoral campaigns, where cities, circuits, gender and age of electors, etc., appear as widgets”, told representative of Penki Kontinentai group management.

Dashboard.iQ enables to unite isolated departments and to serve them as a single infrastructure. It is compatible with different control means and parameter monitoring systems, e.g., Key Performance Indicators, automated response to parameters (in conformity with ITIL v3 certification), search system, online monitoring, the so-called SOS indictors (cut off of connection or channel, term approximation, etc.).

“For every client, a calendar with job assignments or a scheduler is installed in the manager’s toolbar; also the status of mutual relations is marked, as well as the situation of non-affiliated companies according to the KPI is indicated. It is no longer necessary to enter indicators into other accounting systems and to analyze them separately.

With the help of the Data Collector module included into .iQ, the user gets data as an integral material in a convenient graphic form”, noted Mr. Dadashov.

Dashboard.iQ possibilities include signup for the receipt of reports using a convenient order interface and receipt thereof according to the selected schedule (daily, weekly, etc.); signup for the receipt of the information on events according to the determined schedule or SLA; ability to analyze information 24/7; guaranteed data delivery (access) channels. Besides, the product is distinguished for a convenient multilanguage graphic interface (GUI).

The results of using the monitoring and accounting products, such as .iQ Family Products, speak for themselves. Currently, BS/2 is a successful world company operating in the market of banking technologies for over 15 years and holding leadership positions in several countries in the world.

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