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Mobile Banking.iQ – all banking services in a mobile device

590 million people in the world currently use mobile banking services. It is estimated that this number will exceed 1 billion in 2017. Obviously, in the future mobile banking will replace current payment, financing, and customer interaction models. Therefore, mobile banking investments provide banks with new service provision possibilities and promote effective customer service.

The company Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) offers the banks a modern mobile banking software solution Mobile Banking.iQ.

“This is an application, which has been specifically designed for tablets and smartphones operating on iOS or Android systems. Such an application delivers to its users stable and safe mobile banking services. Besides, it substantially expands the functionality of mobile banking,” states Konstantin Butrimovič, the Head of BS/2 Mobile Device Department.

Mobile Banking.iQ customers receive easy access to e-banking services at any convenient time and place with an internet connection. By offering financial solutions for mobile devices, banks provide their customers with an opportunity to manage their everyday financial dealings faster and conveniently. Using their mobile devices, users can get all services linked to their account: review account balance, make transfers, temporarily or permanently block a payment card, receive and return microloan, use a virtual wallet or pay bills via QR code, etc. Besides, Mobile Banking.iQ can deliver different types of bank information: efficiently and promptly contact the staff of the local bank department, find the closest ATM, find out exchange rates, read bank announcements, etc.

Main advantages of the mobile financial services:

• customers always have the services at their fingertips. Therefore they can solve important financial issues immediately;
• mobile devices determine customer’s geographic location. Therefore banks can offer special financial services considering specific circumstances;
• due to technical features, mobile devices, combined with specialized software, can provide functions of an electronic wallet.

As mobile banking users are constantly increasing, special applications help develop a convenient virtual bank department, which provides customer bank services 24/7.

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