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Financial institutions participated in a friendly BFI Cup tennis tournament

On the first weekend of October, representatives of Lithuanian banks and financial institutions gathered in Vilnius for a friendly game at the traditional BFI Cup tennis tournament.

“This year, like the year before, the tournament was held under difficult conditions. It’s a pity that some strong players couldn’t come because of illness, but I’m glad that we have not only permanent participants – SEB, Swedbank, Danske Bank – but also representatives of new teams, such as “Kevin EU”, – says Arūnas Valickas, the tournament organizer.

The tournament was held for the 14th time and was organized by Teniso turnyrai with the support of Penki Kontinentai group of companies, which includes BS/2 company. Penki Kontinentai announced it team for the tournament – the group of companies was represented by the teams of ASHBURN International (payment services and solutions provider) and Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras (Internet and IPTV provider).

Žoržas Šarafanovičius, CEO of ASHBURN International has been involved in tennis for more than 10 years. He claims that there are people who play tennis and even train a lot, but do not participate in tournaments. Competitions are the only way to improve their game, he says. “The real game is different from practice, where everything happens by the rules that the coach sets. For growth in tennis, as in business, it’s very important to deal with a strong player,” he says.

“Tennis for me is more of a sports networking, another opportunity to meet people, socialize in a different environment. Of course, if you want to achieve a good result, you need to spend more time on it – to train, to practice with a coach, to go to the court against players of different level,” shares experience Laurynas Šeškevičius, director of the Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras.

BFI Cup 2021 results

Top 5 teams

  1. SEB (88 points)
  2. Swedbank (44 points)
  3. Danske Bank (34 points)
  4. PricewaterhouseCoopers и Kevin EU (28 points)
  5. I Asset Management (26 points)

Women under 35

  1. Vera Djakova (Swedbank)
  2. Asta Garbulytė (Orion Securities)
  3. Angelina Lučinskaja (I Asset Management)

Women over 35

  1. Gina Varnagirytė (SEB)
  2. Evelina Gaidukevičienė (SEB)
  3. Sonata Mickuvienė (Swedbank)

Women, doubles

  1. Laura Umaraitė / Violeta Kirilovaitė (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  2. Gintarė Geišaitė / Sonata Mickuvienė (Swedbank)
  3. Gina Varnagirytė / Vilija Nausėdaitė (SEB)

Men under 35

  1. Simonas Kakanauskas (Danske bank)
  2. Kasparas Stabingis (SEB)
  3. Paulius Dijokas (SEB)

Men over 35

  1. Paulius Ramantauskas (Western Union)
  2. Donatas Gnovainis (SEB)
  3. Tomas Domeika (SEB)

Men over 45

  1. Igoris Ryklys (Swedbank)
  2. Saulius Mickus (SEB)
  3. Antanas Baliukevičius (SEB)

Top Men

  1. Julius Tverijonas (Kevin EU)
  2. Laurynas Antropikas (I Asset Management)
  3. Yassir Lamrani Selmane (Western Union)

Men, doubles

  1. Pavel Sokolov / Julius Tverijonas (Kevin EU)
  2. Ludas Rimkus / Kasparas Stabingis (SEB)
  3. Jonas Balsys / Rimvydas Jogėla (PricewaterhouseCoopers)


  1. Angelina Lučinskaja / Laurynas Antropikas (I Asset Management)
  2. Violeta Kirilovaitė / Rimvydas Jogėla (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  3. Aleksandra Altuchova / Simonas Kakanauskas (Danske bank)

Tournament results and a large photo gallery can be found on the website –

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