Pallet Shelving Systems, Cantilever Racks, and Mezzanine Floors

In today’s world, a modern warehouse is more than just a storage space – it’s a vital part of material flow formation. The efficiency of warehouse organization directly impacts the speed and number of operations, which, in turn, affects the bottom line for retailers, logistics companies, and more. That’s why you need the best in the warehouse solutions – and that’s where BS/2 comes in!

BS/2 offers top-of-the-line warehouse solutions from Modern Expo, designed to optimize your space and increase efficiency. Our expert team provides design, installation, and integration of those systems, ensuring seamless implementation and maximum results.

With our advanced solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your warehouse and transform it into an efficient and profitable business unit.


Wide assortment

Solutions for retail, manufacturing, fulfillment centers, dark stores, pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce, postal, and courier services


Instruments for competent storage space design, which significantly improves the efficiency of the warehouse operation


Ability to supplement shelving systems with new sections, to dismantle and change configurations without undue effort


Guarantee of operational safety and proved reliability by thorough inspections


Multifunctional spatial solutions, specialized mechanization systems, and instruments for warehouse flows optimization make our solutions be the best for different types of business

Device specifications

Front Pallet Shelving System

Effective solution for storage of different loads on pallets

  • Ensure free access to any section and each individual pallet

Drive-in Shelving System

The optimal solution for storage of pallets with the same type of cargo and a small range

  • The density of cargo storage allows using the useful area effectively
  • The loading equipment operates directly inside the structure

Gravity Pallet Shelving System

Mechanize analogue of Drive-in shelving system for optimal storage of cargo with one type on pallets

  • Pallet placement according to FIFO system (First-In, First-Out)
  • Save of usable space and time for product placement
  • Do not require any mains connection

Push-back Shelving System

Gravity, Drive-in, and Front Pallet Shelving Systems characteristics combination. Ideal for medium-speed loads

  • Placing the different types of cargo at different levels of the system
  • The most efficient use of room height

Pull-out Shelving System

Solution with pull-out shelves, which is an ideal tool for picking

  • Easy and fast selection of the good
  • Access to the product from three sides
  • Reducing the amount of equipment for goods processing
  • Ability to process the sections with hoists and cranes

Shuttle System

An ideal solution for the storage of pallets with the same type of cargo and a small range

  • Pallet movement by using the robotic Shuttle platform
  • Ability to integrate Shuttle platform into WMS system
  • Remote download control
  • Reducing the number of loaders

Mini Rack

Solution for storage of small-sized cargoes. The ideal solution for industrial premises, garages, houses, car services, archives, libraries, etc.

  • Ability to place different loads of low weight and size
  • Maximum load per section – up to 5,000 kg

Box Gravity

A system for storage and transportation of boxes and containers on special rollers

  • The goods are fed into gravity racks on the loading side and move slowly along the channel to the place of unloading under their weight
  • Each box has its channel, which minimizes the errors in order formation
  • Ensures the easy selection of goods
  • Placement of the goods according to the principles of the FIFO system (First-In, First-Out)

Cantilever Rack

A metal prefabricated structure for storage of long products. The ideal solution for industrial bases, woodworking plants, bases for pipe production

  • Ability to store the products of different lengths
  • Ability to install both one-sided and two-sided cantilever racks
  • Preservation of strength under static load
  • Wear resistance and durability

Mezzanine Floor

A multi-storey shelving system, designed for the most efficient use of storage space

  • Easy access to any section and storage level
  • Storage of products on shelves at all levels
  • The instrument for optimization of warehouse flows
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