Peripheral devices

Diebold Nixdorf peripheral devices are designed specifically for POS terminal systems and are compatible with cash register equipment from most of the world’s leading manufacturers. Thanks to modern, ergonomic design and extensive connectivity, the devices can be easily integrated into a retail outlet’s point-of-sale system.

Device specifications

The compact BA90 multi-touch display can be integrated with all Diebold Nixdorf POS systems as well as with systems from other manufacturers. Compact design and the single-cable connection offer a wide range of installation options. BA90 display has low-power consumption and can be used as a display for POS systems or information kiosks. This display can also be configured without a touch-screen function.

  • Screen size – 8″
  • Screen resolution – 800 x 600
  • Dimensions – 199.6 mm x 168.6 mm x 33 mm

The BA92, BA93, and BA93W are the latest generation of Diebold Nixdorf touchscreens that can be integrated with virtually all POS systems from leading manufacturers. The devices support multi-touch (up to 10 points) and can be equipped with a resistive (BA92 and BA93) or projected-capacitive touch screen (BA92, BA93, and BA93W). BA92 and BA93 can be purchased without a touchscreen feature. Modern design, low power consumption, and single-cable connectivity allow the display to be installed anywhere in the store.

BA92 12.1″ (resolution 800 x 600)

Dimensions – 292 mm x 257.9 mm x 47 mm

BA93 15″ (resolution 1024 x 768)

Dimensions – 349 mm x 308.5 mm x 47 mm

BA93W – 15.6″ (resolution 1360 x 768)

Dimensions – 395 mm x 271.2 mm x 51.2 mm

KA21 - cassette cash drawer with hinged lid, adjustable banknote compartments, and reinforced tamper protection. Designed for POS systems.

  • 4 adjustable banknote compartments
  • 8 coin compartments
  • Additional compartment for receipts, documents, packed coins

HPC 16S is a cash drawer with compartments for banknotes, coins, receipts, and change money. Can be opened automatically by the command of the cash register or with a key.

  • 5 adjustable compartments for banknotes
  • 9 coin compartments
  • Additional compartment for documents and cheques

TH200i is a compact, versatile POS printer for receipts, coupons, vouchers, and transactional documents. It provides high speed and quality printing and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

  • Direct thermal printing (203 dpi)
  • Print speed – up to 200 mm/s
  • Dimensions – 145mm x 145mm x 200mm

TH250 is a versatile POS printer for receipts, coupons, vouchers, and transactional documents. It has the fastest printing speed on the market, which ensures fast completion of the purchase transaction.

  • Direct Thermal printing (203 dpi, 8 dots/mm)
  • Print speed – up to 350mm/s
  • Dimensions – 145 mm x 131 mm x 175 mm
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