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BS/2 Received Three Awards from Diebold Nixdorf for Successful Projects

In May 2024, Penki Kontinentai Group representatives attended the Diebold Banking Nixdorf Partner Summit in Madrid. Diebold Nixdorf, a global manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for banks and retailers, organizes an annual forum for its partners. The event is always held in different cities and countries. In 2023, Bali hosted the Summit. In the past, the conference was held in Bangkok (2022), Rome (2019), Budapest (2018), Munich (2016), Prague (2014), Luxor (2006), etc.

Over 110 participants from more than 50 countries attended this year’s Diebold Nixdorf Partner Summit. The Forum’s organizers reported on their performance in Madrid and presented new hardware and software developments. Also, Diebold Nixdorf awarded the most active partners for their sales achievements and for launching new projects.

The DN Banking Partner Summit 2024 was attended by Idrakas Dadašovas, Chairman of the Board of The Penki Kontinentai Group, as well as key employees of BS/2 headquarters – Deputy General Director Tomas Augucevičius, and Deputy General Director for Strategic Development Kirill Ovsiannikov. Vladimir Alekseev, Andrius Araminas, Nazrin Aliyeva, and Nikolaj Zaleščuk represented the BS/2 sales team.

From BS/2 subsidiaries, BS/2 Azerbaijan Director Ilgar Hasanov, BS/2 Azerbaijan Deputy Director Abas Abasov, BS/2 Georgia Director Emilio Kiris, BS/2 Georgia Technical Director Nikoloz Kukujanov, BS/2 Kazakhstan Director Azat Lyukhuzayev, BS/2 Kazakhstan Technical Director Victor Tumanov, Head of Customer Support Department Mansur Edigenov, Head of Market Development in Uzbekistan Nikolajs Želnins and BS/2 Tashkent Director Dmitry Kharchenko attended the Summit in Madrid.

Contactless Technology Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience plays a key role in business success. Companies aim to provide their clients convenient, efficient, and secure products and services.

Diebold Nixdorf executive managers presented the new Vynamic Connection Points 7 in Madrid. The software product offers seamless interaction with self-service devices throughout the customer’s journey.

The 7th generation of Vynamic Connection Points was built on previous VCP iterations. The multivendor solution combines the advantages of VCP-Lite and VCP-Pro in a single platform and can be integrated with all ATM brands.

VCP 7 is easily adapted to meet the needs of different banking systems. The software provides a wide range of advanced functionalities that do not require additional customization or development. These include currency exchange, deposit transactions, cardless cash withdrawals, etc.

In 2024, the DN 500 and DN 550 ATMs were introduced to the manufacturer’s lineup. The new hardware was presented at the DN Banking Partner Summit. The devices hold over 28,000 banknotes and process up to 13 denominations. This is a record achievement in the ATM market today. Sales will start in the autumn of 2024.

Payments.iQᴺᴳ Enable Banks to Stay on Top of the Competition

BS/2 experts presented successful Uzbekistan projects at the DN Banking Partner Summit in Madrid. Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, and Nikolajs Želnins, Head of Market Development in Uzbekistan, presented advanced Payments.iQ New Generation features with QR-Pay module for accepting payments at ATMs. Also, key BS/2 employees emphasized the advantages of the DS Center.iQ decision support system.

Penki Kontinentai Group views Uzbekistan as a strategic region with its developing financial infrastructure. Today 35 banks operate in the country. Over 70% of them are BS/2 partners and use the company’s software and hardware products.

The local market is increasingly embracing cardless transactions. QR code payments in Uzbekistan are expected to reach 337 billion soums (€24.5 million) by 2023, up 145% from 2022.

Currently, banks are very interested in the new BS/2 Mobile ATM Control feature. The tool is available in the Payments.iQᴺᴳ system. The point is that the solution allows the self-service device to be controlled via a mobile app. The ATM interface is automatically synchronized with the smartphone in real time when the customer scans a QR code at the ATM. This approach allows a convenient and comfortable way to interact with the ATM and provides additional security. Through Mobile ATM Control, users can avoid touching the ATM and reduce transaction times.

Successful Contracts and New Ventures in Banking and Retail

Representatives from BS/2 shared their experience in project implementation with participants at the DN Banking Partner Summit. The experts discussed the specifics of technological equipment and software sales in the regions where the group of companies operates.

Penki Kontinentai Group has been a strategic partner of Diebold Nixdorf in Eastern Europe for 30 years.

Nowadays, ATMs are more than just machines for withdrawing cash. The self-service devices can perform many functions of a bank branch, reducing staff workloads and improving financial accessibility.

Besides the banking sector, Diebold Nixdorf is developing sales of its solutions in retail. Nearly one-third of the company’s total revenue comes from the retail division.

At the Summit, Diebold Nixdorf management presented three awards to BS/2. The two awards ‘Best Strategic Win 2023/2024’ were given for successful projects in Georgia and Kazakhstan. All BS/2 team members received the ‘Best Performance 2023/2024’ award for their productive work and goal achievement.

Diebold Nixdorf CEO and President Octavio Marquez, Vice-Presidents Jaivinder Gill and Jerome Amara, and Director of Partner Sales Development APAC & CEE Anna Pankraz congratulated the BS/2 representatives at the ceremony.

In his turn, Idrakas Dadašovas, Chairman of the Board of The Penki Kontinentai Group, presented the partners with a gift of solid Baltic amber ’30 Years Partnership Milestone’. A flame-shaped sculpture symbolizes our unrelenting drive for further joint development and expansion.

After the partnership Summit, Penki Kontinentai Group representatives took part in the Intersect Madrid 2024 forum. Diebold Nixdorf hosted an event for top financial managers, banking industry experts, equipment suppliers, and software solution developers. The Forum aimed to discuss current banking conditions and strategies in a competitive market.

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