Intersect Madrid

Madrid, Spain

About event

On 22-24 May, Spain will host the Intersect Madrid forum!

Representatives from around the world will attend the event. In this session, leading experts from the financial industry will share the secrets of their success and explain how modern technologies can be effectively used in operational work.

The forum will focus on digital and physical transformations in banking. 90% of all presentations will include examples of successful bank executive practices.

Special attention will be paid to current trends. Intersect Madrid participants will see next-generation self-service devices (Smart ATMs) and advanced software for easy and secure transactions.

BS/2 has been an official Diebold Nixdorf partner for over 25 years and actively participates in the forum. Join us at Intersect Madrid to learn how banking companies influence change and innovation in the industry!


May 22

Providing convenience to consumers through APIs, Open Banking.

Reducing operating costs and increasing agility with utility models and managed services.

Implementing personalized experiences and consumer journeys.

Protecting your brand and assets with end-to-end security.