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The Focus of the Diebold Nixdorf Partner Summit Is an Individual Approach to the Client

Any business’s success depends on understanding the client’s needs and its ability to implement them. The banking services market is not an exception. However, the modern world’s rapid development does not allow for the new technological solutions of the consumer’s expectations research. It is necessary to use the available tools to anticipate their clients’ expectations.

The companies developing banking technologies and retail solutions need to see banks and trade organizations’ potential needs. The latter, in turn, must know the wishes of the consumers of their services. The innovative solutions should be developed based on this information and aimed at improving the customer service quality.

These basic moments in business development became the main theses of the Diebold Nixdorf Partner Summit. This meeting took place in the Hungarian capital on June 4-6. Over 200 representatives of innovative technologies from the banking and retail sectors from 31 countries took part in it.

According to the Diebold Nixdorf Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Devon Watson, the banking services market is becoming competitive due to collecting data on consumers in Europe. The information about users is less accessible, so the companies need to become more resourceful in researching their customers.

According to statistics, 9000 bank branches have been closed in Europe over the past few years. That means that banks should adapt to the changing market’s needs. They will have to apply digital technologies in different areas, from mobile and online banking to analyzing the features of the client’s financial behavior and the individual offers preparation. The banking branches should become a place of cashing money and providing modern and popular financial services.

There is a reverse trend in the retail sector. Online store owners open physical stores for the most effective, personalized, and reliable interaction with customers, as did, for example, AMAZON GO.

Idrakas Dadašovas, Penki Kontinentai Board Chairman, says that the main business idea is to offer the customer the most innovative, needful, and effective (comparing with competitors) product.

“The world is changing under the influence of transforming technologies and innovative business models. Business digitalization and the widespread use of mobile services are becoming topical technologies, so understanding the customers’ needs is especially important. Europe is moving to non-cash settlements, gradually phasing out cash. However, cash circulation continues to grow in developing countries. That’s why the solution proposed by the company should be adapted to each region’s needs,” I. Dadašovas said.

According to the Penki Kontinentai Board Chairman, the general tendency is to digitalize settlement instruments, equipment, and bank branches. The modern ATM is equipped not with a keyboard but with a touchscreen. Contactless payment cards, mobile phones, biometric sensors technologies are used for cashing out. Today the business is focused not on the product but the customer. The digital platforms on which modern banks operate present intuitive management for customers. Diebold Nixdorf offers partners a specialized platform Vynamic, which integrates analytics, business optimization, monitoring, and security systems.

The ASHBURN International

Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius made a presentation at the Diebold Nixdorf Partner Summit about the POS terminal networks management and maintenance specifics and successful projects implementation in different countries.

The company’s activities for the past period were presented during the Diebold Nixdorf partners’ meeting. Last years were very successful for the company: the concern retained its leading position in the European market and strengthened in the Eastern European countries. Today every third ATM in the world is manufactured by Diebold Nixdorf.



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