Cash register mounting systems

BS/2 offers a wide range of solutions for ergonomics of retail workplaces: brackets, mountings, and stands for monitors, POS-terminals, peripheral devices.

Modern mounting systems allow the owners of retail outlets to effectively use the cashier desk space, while compactly and ergonomically placing the different equipment and providing order and convenience at the cashiers’ workplaces.

Device specifications

Holders and mounts for monitors

Monitor mounting brackets, designed by the VESA industry standard, provide fast and easy installation of equipment of all leading manufacturers. Reliable mounting allows organizing the cashier's workplace while maintaining ergonomic comfort.
Compact brackets allow you to choose the best height for the screen installation and provides convenient adjustment of its position.
Straight brackets allow you to adjust the position of the screen relative to the user, if necessary, the cashier can turn the screen to the customer to view the order.
Hinged brackets provide additional mobility, allowing the screen to be rotated towards the customer or a second operator when in use.

POS-terminal holders

Dynamic and multifunctional holders for POS terminals provide a reliable attachment of equipment of any manufacturer. This helps to improve the device mobility, helping to make customer service smooth and convenient.

Peripheral device holders

These mounting systems allow you to install peripheral devices on the various cash registers, thereby expanding the functionality of devices and providing the necessary mobility in their use.

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