SBK7 Inking System for ATM Cassettes

SBK7 by MIB is a banknote neutralization system with certified ink for ATMs. SBK7 uses an innovative technical solution capable of staining the banknotes in a few milliseconds during the explosion and it is the result of applied experience and the extreme destructive tests that MIB conducted in cooperation with Police Forces and International Explosives Experts.

Device specifications

The SBK7 is a new intelligent banknote neutralization system (IBNS) that uses the same blast pressure to instantly transfer energy through holes in the cover (Turbo Hole Ink technology) towards the frangible ink reservoir located on the banknote head, implemented by the Intercommunicating Cell System (ICCT).

The SBK7 is installed on a cassette cover that is appropriately modified with certain holes in predetermined positions to make the cover mechanically transparent and speed up cassette tearing and subsequent ink spraying on banknotes without the use of active components or electronic sensors.

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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development

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