Diebold Nixdorf DN 200V

Diebold Nixdorf DN Series™ 200V is a modern and highly advanced ATM that provides a wide range of customizable banking services to meet individual requirements.

ATM 200V is equipped with a high-resolution touch screen that gives users a seamless and intuitive experience.

The compact and versatile model is also capable of scanning checks, including deposit certificates, thus simplifying cash withdrawals and deposits.


Multichannel Strategy

A modern ATM can provide efficient service thanks to its specialized software. The ATM is compatible with all electronic banking services such as mobile banking and Internet banking, providing customers with omnichannel banking services.

Analysis and Data Collection

The DN AllConnectSM Data Engine module facilitates data management from different self-service devices and channels, ensuring reliable and efficient information processing and accurate data analysis.


4th generation recycling module (RM4V), the 200V can start as a high-capacity cash-in/cash-out system, and seamlessly switch to a recycler while retaining the same footprint.


A multi-level security system is implemented at the hardware and software levels, providing protection against physical and logical attacks.

Additional Features

DN Series™ 200V can be equipped with a contactless card reader and QR code scanner, which significantly expands the functionality of the self-service device.

Device specifications

Recycling Module

RM4V Engine (4th Generation Recycling Module)

  • Deposit/Withdraw up to 300-note bundle
  • 4+1 [4 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassette]
  • 420 mm note capacity per cassette
  • Recycles up to 8 denominations*
  • Two multipurpose bins
  • Foreign object detection
  • ECB banknote validation compliant

Check Deposit Module

  • Deposit up to 30 checks in a bundle
  • 4-way MICR + OCR recognition
  • Up to 126 mm bin capacity
  • Retract bin up to 30 items

Coin Dispensing Module

  • Coin dispense 4-hopper capacity

Physical Security

  • Portrait, cash slot and environmental surveillance cameras
  • Security Safes: UL 291 Level 1, CEN I – IV, CEN I EX Gas, CEN III EX Gas, CEN IV EX Gas
  • Variety of alarm options
  • Anti-fraud system design
  • Electronic or mechanical safe locks
  • Access control for recycling head module
  • Anti-cash trapping sensor
  • Blasting attack prevention

User Data Security

  • Consumer awareness mirrors
  • Encrypting PIN pad
  • PIN pad shield
  • Anti-skimming options: Secure Pack 1, 2, 3 or ActivEdgeTM
  • Illuminated Privacy Panels


  • Trusted Device Communication
  • Basic Endpoint Security
  • CrypTA Stick secure service access
  • DN Vynamic™ Security Suite
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)


  • 15” with function keys and/or touchscreen
  • 19” portrait or landscape touchscreen
  • Vandal-resistant display
  • Supports multi-touch
  • Standard or high-bright LCD
  • Privacy filter

PC Specifications

  • Intel® Celeron, i3, or i5
  • Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT)
  • Hard disk or solid-state drives
  • DVD drive

Client Interaction

  • Headphone or headset jack
  • User guide lights customizable with branding colors ID Devices


  • EMV motorized, dip, ActivEdgeTM and/or contactless card readers
  • Barcode scanner 1D/2D
  • Fingerprint reader


  • 80 mm thermal receipt printer with or without retract option
  • Journal printer


  • Front or rear load
  • 10.1” service display
  • Integrated with DN AllConnect ServicesSM Architecture Platform Software & Operating System

System Software

  • ProBase/C 1.4
  • Windows® 7 and 10

Functional Software

  • DN Vynamic Software Suite
  • .iQ Family Software Solutions

Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • 1445 mm x 450 mm x 1035 mm (UL)
  • 1445 mm x 500 mm x 1035 mm (CEN)

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