BANKOSA MD100 Multifunctional Detector

The BANKOSA MD100 multifunctional detector is a compact and convenient device for identifying banknotes, cheques, credit cards, and passports. The MD100 detector can read UV markings, magnetic ink, watermark clarity, and other security features. The long-lasting LED sensors help recognize counterfeits in the infrared and ultraviolet light spectrum.

Thus, the device ensures financial transaction security and protects against problems with counterfeit documents and currency.

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Device specifications

Durable Sensors

LED sensors help detect counterfeit banknotes in infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light. Sensors provide energy savings and have a long service life.

Compact Design

This machine is ideal for confined spaces due to its convenient size.

Physical Key Buttons

Detector MD100 features a large 7″ screen and convenient physical buttons.

Detection of Authenticity Indicators

MD100 enables users to easily detect UV markings on banknotes, checks, credit cards, and passports.

Clarification of Watermarks

The device quickly and accurately detects watermark clarity, which is difficult to counterfeit due to banknote printing.

Magnetic Security Recognition (MG)

The detector can recognize magnetic security ink (MG) to prevent counterfeiting. The device sounds an audible alarm when it detects a discrepancy.

Infrared Detection (IR)

MD100 uses IR sensors to detect special marks/elements on both sides of a banknote. Under infrared light, the emerald number, the right side of the main image, and the silver stripe become visible on the front side. On the reverse side, there is a denomination digit and a horizontal serial number.

  • Options: Mouse Camera MC102
  • Detection: UV, IR, Watermark, MG
  • Main Screen: 7-inch LCD Display
  • IR Light: 850IR (LED), 940IR (LED)
  • UV Light: UV LED
  • Working Modes:
    • UV Check
    • IR Check
    • WM Check Bottom White Light & IR
    • WL Check Slide White Light & IR
    • MG Check
    • MIC Check, Mouse Camera Check
  • Suitable Currency: All Currencies
  • Machine Size: 263x185x202 mm
  • Net Weight (1 unit): 1.8kg
  • Gross Weight (1 unit): 2.5 kg
  • Gift Box (Inner Box, 1 unit): 225x132x102 mm
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V~ 50/60 Hz, 0.6A <10W
  • Packing Way: 4 units/carton
  • Master Box (Outer Box): 480x320x535 mm
  • Gross Weight (Master Box): 10 kg
  • Country of Origin: China
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