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ATMeye.iQ is a Reliable, Modern Protection for Self-Service Devices

In 2010, the global losses due to bank card fraud exceeded USD 7 billion. The losses of the Russian banks amounted to around 1.4 trillion Russian rubles in 2010 and increased by over 50% in 2011. This data was published on the information portal. This is why the security of self-service devices and their users remains one of the most important tasks faced by banks and other financial institutions.

The BS/2 company, which develops software solutions, supplies hardware, and provides hardware support and maintenance services, pays a lot of attention to the problem of ATM security. ATMeye.iQ, a video surveillance solution developed by BS/2, is a reliable tool against the unauthorized use of ATMs, customer data theft, and similar crimes. In addition, ATMeye.iQ can be integrated with ProView, a software for technical monitoring, developed by Wincor Nixdorf.

By now, in Russia, over 3,000 ATMeye.iQ licences have been sold. BS/2’s long-time partner, the Russian bank StarBank, successfully uses the ATMeye.iQ solution in its operation. According to Albert Ivanov, StarBank’s representative, the ATMeye.iQ module enhances the security of self-service devices and helps increase the number of loyal customers.

“StarBank has been using BS/2 ‘s services for many years, and, thanks to our cooperation, we have achieved impressive results. Recently, we have deployed into our ATM network an updated version of ATMeye.iQ. Not only has it strengthened the protection of our devices and reduced the risk of fraud and vandalism, but it has also allowed us to cut our security expenses, at the same time retaining the bank’s reputation of a reliable partner and service provider,” commented Ivanov.

ATMeye.iQ is a new-generation software solution designed for the real-time video surveillance of suspicious activity at self-service devices, for ensuring an immediate response and monitoring when unauthorized activity is detected. This solution enables centralized hardware management and receiving and filing analytical and statistical data relevant for analysis in the form of reports.

“We regularly take part in international events dedicated to banking service security, organized by the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA). Attending conferences in Moscow, Riga, Kiev, and Prague, we have seen yet again that self-service device security is currently one of the most important problems and one that requires a lot of investment. ATMeye.iQ, installed on a self-service device, allows resolving customer conflicts, optimizing the use of funds allocated for data security, and cutting costs,” says Tomas Augucevičius, the deputy director of BS/2’s Sales Department.

ATMeye.iQ, a video surveillance solution, is one of the products from the .iQ family, which also includes Service Desk.iQ, Payment.iQ, SmartSafe.iQ, Central Video Management.iQ, and other business process management and monitoring solutions designed specifically for the financial and retail sectors. ATMeye.iQ can be installed on self-service devices from any manufacturer and allows an unlimited number of user connections to the system . The main advantages of this solution are its multivendor platform, multiple-language interface, flexibility and multifunctionality. Depending on the customer’s needs, any other product from the family can be integrated into the .iQ family platform (see In addition, this solution is compatible with such database management systems as Oracle and PostgreSQL. Every product from BS/2 is covered by a warranty and comes with a software support and maintenance agreement. Qualified and experienced specialists of the company conduct training courses at a specialized training center in Vilnius or at the customer’s location and provide consulting on various issues related to using hardware.

About StarBank

Created based on one of the oldest banks of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, StarBank has been present in the financial services market for over 30 years. StarBank CJSC holds licenses from the Central Bank of Russia # 548 and licenses of a securities market professional to act as a broker and dealer, to manage securities, and to conduct depository transactions. The bank is a member of a deposit insurance system. StarBank has branches in 4 Russian federal districts. Its headquarters is situated in Moscow.

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