Scan Coin ICX Active-9 High-Speed Coin Counter-Sorter

The Scan Coin ICX Active-9 is a high-speed coin counter-sorter designed to handle large counting volumes, featuring a rejection function and a diverse array of options. Primarily intended for cash-in and cash-out offices staffing to legal entities, recounting offices, and the cash centers of banks.

Incorporating the unique Active Sorting® technology, this device offers the flexibility to configure various sorting scenarios, such as different euro denominations or currencies with the same diameter. It can be easily adapted to accommodate any currency.

The ability to reconfigure sensors allows for swift preparation of the counter to process new coins, eliminating the need for substantial investments in new equipment.

Device specifications

Number of pockets, main + reject9 customizable + 1
Rejection of foreign, damaged, or withdrawn from circulation coins+
Loading hopper capacity, coins6800*
Loading hopper capacity, coins2700*
Sorting range1 – 99,999,999
  • Table with bag holder
  • Height-adjustable table
  • Printer
  • Special reject pocket
  • Coin lifts
  • Auto-loading device
  • Coin processing system CHS-9
  • Connection kit to the servicing platform SC-93770
Display10″ full-detail touchscreen color LCD
Power supply220 V/50 Hz
Power Consumption, Wnot exceeding 300 W
Dimensions (WDH), mm770*614*547/112 (with stand)
Weight, kg89 / 127 (with stand)
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Kirill Ovsiannikov

Deputy General Director for Strategic Development

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