Diebold Nixdorf DN 470C

DN Series 470C is a multifunctional cash-dispensing ATM, designed for outdoor use (Drive-up). With DN SeriesTM 470C, you can offer your customers even more convenient services and options. Thanks to modern software, a part of the routine operations of a bank branch can be transferred to an ATM, which will allow employees of a financial institution to pay more attention to each client.

The DN SeriesTM 470C ATM is equipped with the CMD-V6C dispenser, which makes this self-service device highly available.



Thanks to the modern design, intuitive interface, and software solutions, the user receives a convenient self-service device through which the bank can offer personalized services.


High-quality components and precision assembly provide the maximum level of device fault tolerance, which guarantees the availability of services and significantly reduces the service cost of the terminal network.


The ATM uses high-capacity cassettes, which allows to reduce the frequency of cash collection service visits, and also provides a high level of availability of the self-service device.


DN Series 470С can be equipped with a coin dispenser, contactless card reader, and QR code reader, which significantly expands the functionality of self-service devices.


Thanks to the specialized modern software, this ATM can become an effective service point. Therefore ATM can be connected to all electronic banking services (Mobile banking, Internet banking). This allows customers to benefit from the omnichannel banking concept.


A multi-layer security system, implemented both at the hardware and software levels, protects the device from the most common types of physical and cyber-attacks.

Device specifications

CMD-V6C Dispenser

  • Withdrawal of up to 110 banknotes per transaction
  • Utilization of up to 4 cassettes
  • Maximum recycling cassette capacity – 300mm
  • Dedicated cassette for forgotten or rejected banknotes
  • CCMS (Cash Cycle Management Solutions) compatible cassettes
  • Dedicated slot for rejected banknotes

Cash dispensing module

  • Withdrawal of up to 4 coin denominations

Physical Security

  • Cameras recording: client’s face, card reader, banknote dispenser
  • UL 291 Level 1, CEN I Safes
  • Alert system
  • Dispenser and card reader fraud protection
  • Electronic or mechanical locks
  • Anti Cash Trapping
  • Protection against burglary using gas and explosives

User Data Security

  • Rearview mirror
  • Modern PIN pad
  • Possibility to install anti-skimming device (Service Pack 1, 2, 3 or ActiveEdge™)


  • Connection of trusted devices
  • Protected data transfer protocol
  • Authorization of service personnel with CrypTA Stick
  • DN VynamicTM Security Suite
  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module) module (ISO/IEC 11889 Compliant)


  • 15” screen with function keys and/or touchscreen
  • Vertical or horizontal 19” touchscreen
  • Vandal-proof screen protection
  • Supports multitouch if touchscreen-equipped
  • Standard or high-brightness screen
  • Coating that prevents the text from being read from different angles

PC Specifications

  • CPU: Intel® Celeron® / Intel® Core™ i3 / Intel® Core™ i5
  • Intel AMT (Active Management Technology)
  • HDD/SSD Drive
  • DVD Slot

Client Interaction

  • Headphone jack
  • Two-way video and voice communication (camera and microphone)
  • Illuminated card reader and cash slot


  • Motorized card reader (EMV Certificate)
  • Hybrid DIP card reader (EMV Certificate)
  • Contactless card reader (EMV Certificate)
  • Barcode scanner (1D/2D)


  • Thermal printer (80mm)


  • Rear load
  • Service display 10.1”

System software

  • ProBase/C 1.4
  • Windows® 7 и 10

Functional software

  • Vynamic Software Suite
  • .iQ Family software solutions

Dimensions (height, width)

  • 638 x 660 mm


Where are these ATMs manufactured?
The presented devices are manufactured at the Diebold Nixdorf plant in Paderborn, Germany, which guarantees high production and quality control standards of these devices for customers in more than 100 countries.
How are Recycler ATMs different from other types of ATMs?
Cash recycling systems, or ATMs with recycling function, have the technical ability to implement a closed cycle of banknote circulation, allowing users to withdraw banknotes previously received from other users of the device. This feature has a significant economic effect by reducing the number of required collections.
Can I choose my own unique ATM configuration when ordering?
Each model of Diebold Nixdorf ATMs has ample opportunities for technical configuration for specific customer needs. This mainly applies to the set of peripheral devices, which determines the unique functionality for the bank's clients.
Is it possible to order spare parts for this ATM?
Of course, we will be happy to help with the selection, ordering and delivery of the necessary spare parts. You can contact the spare parts sales department by e-mail spareparts@5ci.lt or by filling the form on this page.

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