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With a New Interface and NFC: Azer Turk Bank Has Introduced a New Generation of Self-service Devices

BS/2 specialists together with the Azer Turk Bank team have completed the implementation of the multifunctional VCP Pro (ProFlex4) platform on Diebold Nixdorf’s DN Series ATMs. All devices support contactless transactions and have a user-friendly interface.

Thanks to VCP Pro (ProFlex4), the self-service device screens have become clearer and more attractive, as well as easier for customers and convenient to use.

VCP Pro opens up new possibilities for ATMs

Azer Turk Bank continues to expand its technical park with multifunctional Diebold Nixdorf DN Series self-service devices. Currently, the bank has 10 modern ATMs in operation.

VCP Pro (ProFlex4) was implemented on Azer Turk Bank ATMs throughout 2022. In January 2023, BS/2 specialists adapted the modern corporate-style design developed by the bank’s team for all devices in the fleet.

VCP (Vynamic Connection Points) is a group of software solutions that emerged due to the new release of ProCash and ProFlex4 products. As a result of renaming, the updated solutions were named VCP Lite and VCP Pro.

Azer Turk Bank became the first bank in Azerbaijan that performed a clear transition from Physical to Digital: the new ATMs do not have card readers and are equipped with an NFC module for cash withdrawals and deposits. For the convenience of customers, the new ATMs are installed in Baku at the busiest metro stations – “Ahmedli”, “Nariman Narimanov”, “28 May”, and “Inshaatchilar”.

In Azerbaijan, the number of bank card holders is growing permanently. In 2022, according to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, the number of payment cards in circulation increased by more than 20%. At the same time, customers are growingly preferring contactless payment or cash deposit methods, using not only cards but also smartphones and watches with NFC support.

“We have implemented VCP Pro on ATMs and preserved the functionality that was already installed on the ATMs. Essentially, the devices continue to perform their standard functions, but with new capabilities,” says Ilgar Gasanov, director of BS/2 Azerbaijan. “In the future, any bank that uses VCP Pro can implement other solutions that we offer.”

The use of VCP Pro (ProFlex4) is necessary if the bank wants to support contactless transactions on its devices using QR codes or NFC technology, currency exchange function, launch marketing campaigns, set up a convenient user interface, and quickly implement other modern features for ATMs.

Bright web interface for modern ATMs

VCP Pro is a software solution that enables modern features on bank ATMs in Azerbaijan. Previously, these ATMs used outdated NDC/DDC protocols and static JPG images on their screens. VCP Pro enables the creation of dynamic web-based interfaces that reduce the number of steps needed to process transactions and allow personalized interactions with customers.

The smart ATMs greet users by name and display commonly used actions such as selecting a cash withdrawal amount, using animated menus.

“Azer Turk Bank aims to provide customers with a user-friendly interface that minimizes the steps required to complete their tasks on ATM, ” says  Siarhei Kraiko, Head of Software Product Development Department at BS/2. “The implementation of VCP Pro is just the beginning of a journey to use ATMs as smart devices to enhance user experience and add new features to self-service channels”.

The next stage is the launch of projects for FCX.iQ and ATMeye.iQNG.

In 2022, Azer Turk Bank became one of the fastest-growing banks in Azerbaijan. The assets of this financial institution grew 2.4 times and amounted to 965 million manats (over 507 million euros).

“Our bank’s strategic goal is to optimize processes and develop banking innovations by implementing modern financial technologies,” comments Anar Gasimov, Head of Division at Azer Turk Bank Processing Center. “We aim to change the stereotypical perception of our bank and turn it into a digital financial supermarket, providing high-quality services to our customers.”

Currently, several other BS/2 software products are being implemented in the Azer Turk Bank ATM network, including the FCX.iQ currency exchange solution and the ATMeye.iQ New Generation security and dispute resolution system.

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