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Successful integration of video surveillance solution ATMeye.iQ with CFT-ATM

BS/2 managed to successfully integrate the video security monitoring solution ATMeye.iQ with the self service device software CFT-ATM (Russian: ЦФТ-Банкомат) used by the member banks of the Russian payment system Zolotaya Korona (Russian: Золотая Корона).

The ATMeye.iQ integration provides full-fledged response to all transaction-related events of CFT-ATM (beginning/end of withdrawal, replenishment and other events). Search and management of video materials obtained can be carried out remotely, i.e. without a visit to the device, which helps to significantly reduce costs and save time. ATMeye.iQ is part of the product family for business process management and monitoring – .iQ, which was designed specifically for the banking and retail sectors.

The Russian payment system Zolotaya Korona that is a member of the group of companies Center of Financial Technologies (CFT), has been operating in the financial market since 1994. The Zolotaya Korona bankcards are accepted and serviced in 510 cities of the Russian Federation as well as in a number of CIS countries, China and Mongolia. The number of ATMs accepting and servicing the Zolotaya Korona bankcards is over 4,300 and the number of POS-terminals is over 8,700.

The international company BS/2, a member of the group of companies Penki kontinentai specializes in developing banking and retail software solutions, supplying self-service devices and providing maintenance, systems integration and outsourcing services. The Company’s products and solutions have been implemented in more than 65 countries around the world.

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