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Central Video Management.iQ Provides New Capabilities for Advertisement Management

With the self-service device market growing larger, demand for solutions specially designed for this area is increasing as well. For over 16 years, the BS/2 company, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group, has been developing, deploying, and maintaining various software solutions designed for the banking sector and the retail sector. BS/2 software products simplify and make more transparent all the processes related to self-service devices.

Central Video Management.iQ, a module for advertisement management, is one of the innovative solutions from the BS/2 company. Central Video Management.iQ allows clients to customize the advertisement shown by self-service devices, thereby making it more targeted and, as a result, more effective. The display or replacement of advertisement material may be decided based on user sex and age, on display time, on events taking place nearby, etc. The contents of an advertisement may be related to payment card data (or a loyalty program). With voice recognition systems becoming increasingly highly sought for, the Central Video Management.iQ solution will include a function that will identify the user of the device by his or her voice. The entire video stream on self-service devices is managed from the Company’s central server, using web technologies, which allows management and analysis not only from the Company’s server, but also from any point in the world that has Internet access.

The Central Video Management.iQ module is a member of .iQ, a product family for managing, automating, and optimizing business processes. As a consequence, this solution can easily be combined with other software products (including ATMeye.iQ, PayLo, etc.) developed not only by BS/2, but also by other companies. Being not tied to one particular type of hardware, the Central Video Management.iQ software can be used not only with ATMs, information and payment terminals, but also with screens installed at shopping centers by cash desks, in public transportation vehicles, and in other public places.

The unique Central Video Management.iQ solution allows the on-line monitoring and managing of the video streams shown on devices, which includes changing settings, collecting statistical data on the time and number of shown videos, managing all video content centrally and remotely from computers or mobile devices. In the case of an authorized action, an additional screen may be used as an alarm panel warning the people around.

Central Video Management.iQ and other solutions from BS/2 were presented, attracting major interest, at BakuTel 2011, an international exhibition and conference, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in late November.

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