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ATMeye.iQ – security guarantee for self-service devices

With the growing number of incidents related to self-service devices, banks and other financial institutions worldwide are becoming increasingly aware of the need to take preventive measures and are looking for ways to implement them. For over 11 years, to ensure their own security and the security of their customers, companies worldwide have chosen ATMeye.iQ developed by BS/2 specialists.

PCI PA DSS сertification
65 countries – over  40,000 installations
Multi-vendor platform (Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, NCR, CFT-ATM, and others)
System scalability

Possibilities of video monitoring

“Our ATMeye.iQ solution is compatible with any type of skimmer-blocking device. When a sensor detects that suspicious hardware is installed on the device, ATMeye.iQ starts taking snapshots and recording videos and immediately informs relevant departments about the incident. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose a different scenario, including completely blocking the self-service device’s operation. And even if you fail to avoid criminal activity completely, the evidence obtained can help you expose the crime”, commented Denis Korobkov, head of BS/2 Software Sales.

Location of cameras

Additional peripheral devices 

Lately, attempts to break into or even to blow up ATMs have been quite often reported. ATMeye.iQ can be useful in situations like these as well. This solution is compatible with any sensors: anti-skimming, vibration, temperature, gas, smoke, tilt, movement, etc. The captured information can be transmitted to the bank, enabling it to analyze the situation in real-time and take necessary actions. Thus, ATMeye.iQ helps respond, as fast as possible, to criminal attempts to blow an ATM up or damage it in any other way.

Additional peripheral devices (sensors)


USB video cameras in the new system version

Continuously updated and improved, the ATMeye.iQ solution seeks to meet the constantly growing customer needs. „At the present moment, stress-testing has been completed and a new ATMeye.iQ – v1.1.3 version is launched into the market. Until recently, ATMeye.iQ used 4 analog video surveillance cameras and only 1 USB camera. Taking customer requests and market trends into account, we now allow 4 USB cameras to be connected. The new version consists of the remote file manager – RFM.iQ and fully supports RDMS Postgres SQL and Oracle. Release of the new version enables simplifying logistics, optimizing installation and cutting down customer expenses for hardware purchase and maintenance”, told BS/2 representative D. Korobkov.

Characteristics and advantages

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