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Convenient tool to serve customers for insurance brokers

Insurance brokers already have a convenient opportunity to quickly serve their customers who pay for insurance services using payment cards. This is due to ASHBURN International, UAB (ASHBURN), whose specialists developed a Multi-Merchant POS solution to pay for services using payment cards.

The new solution consists of electronic card scanners installed in insurance brokerage companies connected to barcode scanners and software developed by ASHBURN, which combines and accepts payments for different insurance companies’ services.

According to Dominykas Martinas, Director of Business Development Department of ASHBURN, the solution enables brokers to quickly serve their customers, regardless of the insurance company whose services are provided. “After scanning the barcode on the payment document, the solution automatically identifies the relevant insurance company, policy number, and payable amount, which are immediately viewed on the screen of the scanner, and the customer can perform the payment transaction using the card. This facilitates and quickens the customer service process allowing the specialists to avoid errors associated with the human factor,” explained D. Mertinas.

According to the specialist, the new solution also optimizes the management of accounting. The system provides insurance and brokerage companies with daily reports on policies paid up using payment cards. Moreover, the reports are automatically imported into the companies’ accounting systems, facilitating the accounting processes.

Another benefit of the new solution is that all payments are transferred directly to insurance companies’ accounts. This reduces the brokerage company’s direct turnover, enabling the optimization of the company’s authorized capital.

The solution developed by ASHBURN can be deployed in all companies wishing to conveniently and quickly accept payments for goods or services on their own behalf or behalf of other service providers.

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