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Guarantee of impeccability: delivery of ATMs to Tenge Bank is completed

Tenge Bank, which is a subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan aims to expand its presence in the new market, in Uzbekistan.

The acquisition of 100 Diebold Nixdorf multifunctional ATMs with the functions of cash withdrawal, receipt and recirculation will allow the bank to provide clients with a full range of services in self-service mode, at the level of international standards and using modern banking technologies.

ATMs for Tenge Bank are equipped with such software products as Vynamic View, ATMeye.iQ, Cash Management.iQ and others.

The implemented solutions are aimed at:

  • reducing the cost of owning a fleet of self-service devices;
  • increasing the security of ATMs and protection against fraud;
  • speeding up the handling of customer requests for ATM transactions;
  • increasing the number of services at the devices;
  • simplifying cash collection order management, scheduling, and monitoring of cash;
  • development of new functionality of self-service devices.


The introduction of currency exchange solutions will allow Tenge Bank customers to use ATMs from BS/2 to exchange sums for dollars and use any currency pairs.

Another useful function for Tenge Bank customers will be self-collection, the ability to independently deposit proceeds through the ATM to any current account.

It is important to note that Tenge Bank was the first bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which successfully implemented Cash Management.iQ software complex to optimize the cash circulation system. This solution will ensure that bank customers will be able to receive requested currencies and denominations through self-service devices in the required volume.

Banks in Uzbekistan are currently aiming to increase the network of self-service devices, while paying special attention to improving the quality of services provided.

Within the framework of cooperation with banks of Uzbekistan the priority objective for BS/2 is to provide modern business solutions, aimed at optimization of bank self-service channels, increase of customer base, decrease of the cost of customer service and ownership of ATM park.

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Company news

Guarantee of impeccability: delivery of ATMs to Tenge Bank is completed


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