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DS Center.iQ and 5 other New BS/2 Products at PLUS-Forum in Uzbekistan

The international PLUS-Forum took place in Tashkent on June 21-22. BS/2 was the main sponsor of the event. Together with ASHBURN International, the company set up the largest booth at the exhibition. Among the highlights were flagship products as well as new solutions for banks.

The financial sector of Uzbekistan is developing rapidly, with a particular focus on self-service channels and electronic payment systems. Bank industry leaders are not unaware of this trend. As a result, the PLUS-Forum in Tashkent became the largest in its history. The organizers received over 2 500 registrations for the Forum and welcomed over 100 exhibitors from 31 countries.

DS Center.iQ Can Help Banks Forecast Several Steps Ahead

For the first time at the fair, BS/2 presented to visitors the innovative product DS Center.iQ. The Decision Support System is developed for convenient integration and merging of various data sources. This enables users to obtain complete and accurate information to make informed business decisions.

DS Center.iQ will allow bank employees to quickly assess customers’ cash turnover using Merchant Acquiring Service. They can also change tariffs for specific merchants. At the same time, with just a few clicks, it is possible to see the number of active terminals, device failures, and the implementation rate of service quality indicators (SLA).

Siarhei Kraiko, BS/2 Head of the Product Development Department:

DS Center.iQ collects information to help our customers make effective decisions about their business. At the exhibition, we presented a product that works with real data. We could see the keen interest of visitors at the booth. On the other hand, we received useful feedback, which we are already using to improve our solution.

New Technologies in the Financial Sector: ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ, Magner Equipment, Q-net Electronic Queue System

PLUS-Forum visitors learned more about the updated ATMeye.iQ New Generation. This software solution helps resolve customers’ complaints in seconds and ensures self-service security. The updated version of ATMeye.iQᴺᴳ retained the key features of the previous version but offers some additional benefits. These include migration to a web-based platform, synchronization of ATM files with the server, remote ATM screen viewing, receiving event notifications on the devices via messengers, and the creation of flexible analytical reports.

In addition, BS/2, as the exclusive partner of Magner International in Uzbekistan, presented a wide range of devices for recounting and sorting money. As an example, the Magner 350N model can perform the functions of a five-pocket counter, although it has only four compartments. At the same time, the device costs much less than similar models with five pockets.

Many visitors came to the BS/2 booth to see the DN200H ATM in JSCB “Kapitalbank” corporate colors. The model was designed specifically for bank business purposes. The device’s screen size is especially impressive: 23.8 inches diagonally!

Another novelty on the Uzbek market is the Q-net Pro 6 electronic queue management system. This product could be seen in action at the Forum. The solution optimizes staff’s work and creates comfortable waiting conditions for clients. With this system, customer flow management becomes more efficient.

The company also presented solutions already known in the banking market in Central Asia and the Caucasus region:

  • Cash Management.iQ – cash management solution;
  • Vynamic Marketing – ATM – marketing campaign management system;
  • Vynamic View – a system for technical monitoring and management of ATMs;
  • Payments.iQ and its modules FCX.iQ and QR-Pay – for accepting payments, currency exchange, credit redemption, cardless recharge, etc;
  • TransLink.iQ – a solution for managing the EFTPOS terminal network and routing transactions;
  • Sargent & Greenleaf electronic locks to control banking equipment access.

ASHBURN International offered a wide range of terminal devices at the PLUS-Forum. These included devices from PAX and Ingenico, which are widely used in the Uzbek market, as well as EFTPOS terminals based on OS Android BankPRO and SUNMI P2.

An Example of Self-Service Channels Development from JSCB “Kapitalbank”

Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, and Denis Kohaev, Head of the Business Technical Support Department of JSCB “Kapitalbank”, gave a joint presentation. This performance attracted the attention of the Forum audience.

The speakers shared their vision of self-service banking’s future development. They emphasized the active growth of Smart ATMs in the Uzbek market and the importance of modern software. For example, the Payments.iQ product, which includes the FCX.iQ and QR-Pay modules, transforms ATMs into a full-fledged self-service device where people can top up accounts, pay for telephone services, exchange money, repay loans, and perform other operations without a card.

Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development:

For us, it was important not only to make a traditional vendor presentation and talk about our solutions and technological expertise. It was necessary to show how these solutions are used in everyday life. When a partner himself tells us why he chose BS/2 solutions and for what purposes, that is the most reliable recommendation for our products. Last year, JSCB “Kapitalbank” signed a contract with BS/2 for the purchase of 150 modern ATMs DN Series. We extend our gratitude for the collaboration and acknowledgment of our efforts!

The Memorandum of Cooperation was the next step in developing business relations between JSCB “Kapitalbank” and BS/2. Through the expansion of the modern ATM fleet, customers will have convenient access to financial services. The Memorandum came into force on June 21, 2023, and is valid for three years.

BS/2’s cooperation with financial institutions in Uzbekistan began in 2008. To establish closer relations with customers in the local market, the BS/2 Tashkent subsidiary was founded. On July 7, 2023, the Uzbek office celebrated its 15th anniversary. Over this time, BS/2 Tashkent has become a reliable and competent banking technology partner. A wide network of ATMs and 13 service centers confirm the high level of trust among customers and partners.

You can find additional information about the products presented at the PLUS-Forum, speakers’ presentations, and photos and videos of the event by clicking the link.

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