BS/2 places great emphasis on training its employees and always strives to provide opportunities for professional growth. We invest in our employees' training and development and seek talented individuals eager to advance their careers. The company conducts internal and external training programs, seminars, and workshops on our products.

We organize international internships and training for employees of all BS/2 subsidiaries. These opportunities allow specialists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to train in leadership, sales, project management, and other important skills. In January 2023, BS/2 employees from 8 countries gathered for an international training where they discussed software products, tested equipment, completed professional skills courses, and summed up the past year's results.

In early 2024, our company held a strategic session in Vilnius. Through presentations and discussions, employees shared experiences working with global financial organizations and explored updates to our software products.


BS/2 cooperates with “Vilnius Coding School” (international technology career school), which provides programming, IT project management, data analytics training, and more. Employees of the Penki kontinentai Group completed a course on MS Power BI software, which includes all the necessary topics for learning basic functionality.


BS/2 collaborates with SMK College in Vilnius. During their education, students have the chance to participate in labor internships at our headquarters. The internship program teaches students how to work independently, apply their knowledge in practice, study technologies and equipment, and develop teamwork abilities.

The company supports the willingness of its employees to communicate more with young people, as well as learn about their needs, share experiences, and be inspired by their ideas. Internships are an excellent way to find energetic, ambitious, and creative individuals to join our team.

SMK is the largest non-government higher education institution in Lithuania with 4,500 students. In 2024, the college will celebrate its 30th anniversary. SMK offers a variety of study programs, including computer science, health care, the arts, business and public administration, law, and social sciences.